Day 16 – Think Abundantly Today

These 40 powerful articles are provided here to help you use the Law of Attraction every day in creating a more prosperous life for yourself.

The purpose is to cause you to think abundantly on a daily basis for at least 40 days.

When you think abundantly you are keeping your mind on God, the Source, where it belongs and setting yourself up for a more prosperous life.

It’s the Law of Attraction in action!

Day 16
Think Abundantly Today!

In order to be abundant, we have to be close to money. Often our relationship to money follows a push-pull, love-hate pattern similar to our other relationships. Sometimes a marriage or an interpersonal relationship may seem intimate on the surface, but in reality it might be quite distant on an emotional level. It may be that one of the partners is pushing the other away, or that they’re both pushing each other away – perhaps because they’re silently angry at each other.

You have to look at the distance between you and money. Are you close to it and pulling it to you, or are you distanced from it and/or pushing it away? Naturally, the closer you are to money, the more likely you are to receive plenty of it.

The law of distance breaks out into three distinct categories: emotional, intellectual, and physical distance.An emotional distance from money develops an anti-money veneer around you. It’s a bubble of energy that dis-empowers you, denying you access to the green stuff. – Continued tomorrow.

(From The Little Money Bible by Stuart Wilde)

Think Abundantly Today! – Lovingly Rev. John
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