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Rev. John Wolcott Adams

Rev. John Wolcott Adams

We are part of the Unity Movement which has taught the Law of Attraction for over 100 years.

Everything on this website helps you apply the Law of Attraction so that you upgrade your personal prosperity.

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“God provides everything in abundance, and so has provided abundance for you. What is abundance? Abundance means that you have such an amount of money in your possession that you never have to think about money.” – Emmet Fox

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  • To stimulate, invigorate, and upgrade your personal prosperity
  • Give you proven practical ideas, inspiration, and support.
  • To work with you in creating a very enjoyable life of love, peace, joy, good health, and plenty of money.
  • Move into the flow of affluence, have a happier and healthier financial condition, and STAY THERE!


Our mission is to increase your abundance and the abundance of all people everywhere.


  • Our main focus is on teaching vitalizing spiritual laws and principles of prosperity and their practical application for tangible results.
  • True prosperity is produced from within each individual by learning and applying proven practical prosperity ideas that work.
  • Through these many pages of refreshing prosperity articles, from our vast experience we share with you what has worked for us, and works for thousands of other prospering people around the world.
  • Be sure and take advantage of all that we offer.
  • Let us know what happens when you apply what you learn here. We love to hear good news!

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