Day 19 – Think Abundantly Today

These 40 powerful articles are provided here to help you use the Law of Attraction every day in creating a more prosperous life for yourself.

The purpose is to cause you to think abundantly on a daily basis for at least 40 days.

When you think abundantly you are keeping your mind on God, the Source, where it belongs and setting yourself up for a more prosperous life.

It’s the Law of Attraction in action!

Day 19
Think Abundantly Today!

There is nothing wrong with making money, providing you do it without hurting others. And it’s vital to focus on money; it’s the only way you can become abundant. When you fall in love, you devote time and energy to that one person, and a bond develops between you. When you stop concentrating on them, the romance fades and you fall out of love. Same with money.

You have a divine right to abundance, and if you are anything less than a millionaire, you have not had your fair share. Even if you are a millionaire, there’s nothing to stop you from acquiring more money. You can then use it to assist others and spread goodness and light.

Express your energy outwards. You don’t have to be perfect to be confident. Know that you are the Light, and know that you can move your energy to any distance across the earth plane. You can touch people and pull opportunities from thousands of miles away. Distance is not involved when you lie at the level of the divine Light of God’s abundance.

(From The Little Money Bible by Stuart Wilde)

Think Abundantly Today! – Lovingly Rev. John
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