Day 8 – Think Abundantly Today

These 40 powerful articles are provided here to help you use the Law of Attraction every day in creating a more prosperous life for yourself.

The purpose is to cause you to think abundantly on a daily basis for at least 40 days.

When you think abundantly you are keeping your mind on God, the Source, where it belongs and setting yourself up for a more prosperous life.

It’s the Law of Attraction in action!

Day 8
Think Abundantly Today!

If anyone does work for you, you must pay them the proper rate of pay. You must refuse to countenance undercutting.Do not allow other people to cut you down. You will never help people by giving them something for nothing. That stamps them with the poverty (lack/limitation) consciousness.

It is seldom good to give people money, although there will be rare exceptions. A treatment will do far more good for them.

Never buy an article of poor quality or make. Go without it until you can demonstrate the proper price. You need not buy “deluxe” objects, but what you possess must be good of its kind.

If you wish to prosper it is absolutely necessary that you should do your daily work, whatever it is, to the very best of your ability. There must be no slackness or inefficiency. If you are an employee and your employer is not treating you fairly, do your duties as well as you can, and treat. (Pray) Then either the employer will change for the better, or you will find yourself in another, better situation.

(From The Science of Living by Emmet Fox)
Remember to Think Abundantly Today!
Lovingly and Prosperously, Rev. John

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