‘Unexpected’ Income Prosperity Program

Prosperity Program Newly Revised & Upgraded

Unexpected Income Program

This ‘Unexpected’ Income Prosperity Program, now in 4-parts, has been revised and upgraded. It is specially designed to cause your prosperity to easily increase.

When you follow the instructions and faithfully use the *Prayer-Treatment for ‘Unexpected’ Income, you will experience expected and unexpected income!

This popular program causes you to un-limit the channels through which money and all other wonderful blessings may manifest for you.

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From Alaska: “A friend shared the ‘unexpected’ income prayer-treatment with me and I used it three times daily. Within one week I unexpectedly received $300.00, and the following week I received another $300.00.  I have received smaller amounts, too. This thing works!”

From Oregon: “After joining the ‘unexpected’ income program, I have twice found unexpected funds in my checking account. The first time, I had no food when I discovered I had $90.00 in the account. The next week I found another $110.00.  Since then my income has improved substantially due to finding a good job. I know that my involvement in ‘unexpected’ income helped me in that, too.”

NOTE: Above money figures are in 1980s/90s dollars. These reports are from How to Have ‘Unexpected’ Income by Rev. John W. Addams first published in 1995.

Why Are So Many People Successfully Using this Program?

One of the most important aspects of this program, and probably why it is so successful in producing financial increase:

It causes you to open your mind to all of God’s riches for you, expand your thinking, and look beyond normal channels of financial supply.

The ‘Unexpected’ Income Prosperity Program:

  • Allows you to get out of financial rut-thinking
  • Creates a joyful attitude of anticipation and expectancy

With the program, some people get their consciousness so stretched out of old financial ruts, they keep reaping and enjoying increasingly happy financial blessings.

A person won a big sweepstakes contest, while someone else received substantial raises in pay while using the Prayer-Treatment for ‘Unexpected’ Income.

When You Use the Prayer-Treatment for ‘Unexpected’ Income …

You send out positive, prospering vibrations that attract to you, money and other wonderful blessings causing your financial income to substantially improve. In fact, your whole life is better, and you are happier and healthier, too!

Join the Golden Key Ministry-Unity 40 Day ‘Unexpected’ Income Prosperity Program now and create more prosperity for yourself.

Become an irresistible magnet for happy financial “surprises.”

When you enroll in our 4-Part Unexpected Income Prosperity Program, you receive a free copy of our newly revised and improved Prayer-Treatment for ‘Unexpected’ Income, and lots of very helpful prosperity information in THREE bonus Prosperity Lessons, 10 days apart.

This valuable 4-Part Prosperity Program is on the Love Offering basis. We ask for a love offering of $20, or more, with your enrollment.

No one is denied this Program if they cannot give an offering at this time. We want you and everyone to enjoy greater prosperity.

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