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How I Can Have Everything By Rev John W. AdamsHow I Can Have Everything! –
A dynamic life-changing book by John Wolcott Adams, with true stories and a very practical idea. Click here (or the book cover) for more details and a “special website offer” when you purchase, “How I Can Have Everything!“Order your personally signed copy of How I Can Have Everything! for the Special website price: $11.00 US/ $27 International. Prices include postage.

USA Only: $11.00
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$27.00 USD
How to Have "Unexpected" Income!
ON SALE NOW! How to Have “Unexpected” Income!
– Are you looking for a way to have more money, this very popular and practical book gives you usable ideas which you can put to work now to increase your prosperity. It is the culmination of many years of helping thousands of people to prosper through learning How To Have ‘Unexpected’ Income. As it has worked for so many others, it will work for you. It will help you have many happy financial “surprises,” too! A truly fun way to prosper! Read the Introduction to the newly re-published edition of How to Have ‘Unexpected’ Income! by Rev. John. This book is now in its second edition.

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Now Power by Rev. John W. AdamsNOW Power
– NOW, at last, an easy, practical book for simply living in the now! And you will as you let this book teach you to use your. . . NOW Power! This is a thought, consciousness, and life-changing book. It will cause you to change the way you think about yourself and your life and empower you to fully live NOW. Click here to read the Introduction to this powerful book and for more details and a “special website offer” when you purchase, NOW Power Now! Read more about Now Power. (Available in Paperback and Digital eBook.)

USA Only: $15.00
International price:
$31.00 USD
 buy Rev. John Adams' ebook Digital eBook: $4.99

Power Words for Prosperous Living!Power Words for Prosperous Living! – Another prospering and popular book that teaches you a very positive, affirmative way of life. It helps you to eliminate negatives and to enjoy success and prosperity without the usual struggle and strain. And, it gives you “Golden Keys” to true happiness, good health, peace, success, and prosperous living! Included in the book are over 200 powerful prosperity affirmations. Order Now!  One personally signed copy of Power Words for Prosperous Living! for $7.95 – US Postage is free!

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$17.95 USD
For a limited time, you may have a FREE copy of this book when you send $3.00 per copy to pay for postage.  The same offer is good for International orders.  International postage is:  $10 per copy.
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Prosper Now By Rev John W. AdamsPro$per Now! – The Book! – 

100+ Dynamic Inspirations and Prosperity Prayers to help you claim the millions that are yours by Divine right. PRO$PER NOW! is packed with prospering energy to help you in your quest to live a more abundant life. On each page are ideas to prosperize your life on every level. Daily read and contemplate each dayʼs Inspiration. Affirm the Prosperity Prayer for the day, several times. Although the daily Inspirations may appear short and simple, do not under-estimate their power. PRO$PER NOW! is the Law of Attraction in prosperous action… your Golden Key to the ʻtreasure chestʼ of infinite riches within you.

Click here for more details and a “special website offer” when you purchase, Pro$per Now! – The Book!  

Order your personally signed copy of Pro$per Now! for $14.95. Special website price: $13.00 (Available in Paperback and Digital eBook.)

USA Only: $13.00
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$29.00 USD
 Buy Rev. John Adams ebook Digital eBook: $4.99

The Secret of Multiplied Money by Rev. John W. AdamsThe Secret of Multiplied Money 

Would you like to learn how to multiply your money and expand your prosperity? You will when you learn The Secret of Multiplied Money. This great prosperity book reveals a powerful and proven practice, and when you do as instructed, you will multiply your money tenfold! It teaches you to use money as seed, the secret of how many of the world’s wealthiest people got that way. (learn more here)
Buy The Secret of Multiplied Money now!  Learn and enjoy real financial abundance!

USA Only: $15.95
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$31.95 USD
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