Your Prosperity Mental Equivalent

Lesson 22


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Twenty-two – Your Prosperity Mental Equivalent

Prosperity Principle:
Your Prosperity Mental Equivalent determines your manifest prosperity. 

In Prosperity, as in all areas of life, you must first have the corresponding Mental Equivalent of what you desire to achieve. Presented in this lesson are some important guidelines for creating and expanding your Prosperity Mental Equivalent.

Emmet Fox wrote:  “The secret of successful living is to build the mental equivalent that you want and to rid yourself of the mental equivalent that you do not want.

“You build the mental equivalent by thinking quietly, constantly, and persistently of the kind of thing you want.  Thinking has two qualities: Clarity or definiteness, and InterestWhatever you want to build in your life, form a mental equivalent of the thing you want by thinking about it a great deal and by thinking clearly and with interest.  Remember:  Clarity and Interest, these are two poles.”

How to create your Prosperity Mental Equivalent:

  1. Get clearly in mind, and a keen interest in, the object of your desire.
  2. Use Prosperity Prayers (affirmations), such as are included in these lessons, to better connect your mind with the Source, and to strengthen your conviction and confidence.
  3. Daily pray (declare) the Prosperity Prayer audibly with feeling as part of your prayer and meditation times. Never just parrot the words of affirmations.  The more feeling that accompanies an affirmation, the better the impression on your subconscious mind.
  4. Totally identify with your desire, and with the Source of all wealth.  Feel your oneness with it.  Act as though you really believe this.
  5. Keep quiet.  Do not talk to just anyone about what you want to achieve.  Silence and deep faith have great prospering power.

Ten ways to expand your Prosperity Mental Equivalent:

  1. Mentally accept more than you now have.  Upgrade your vision and self-worth.
  2. Visualize money flowing into your hands.  See and accept it as your money.
  3. Develop unlimited prosperity ideas.  Give more time to seeking from within.
  4. Eliminate all limited, lack thoughts.  Delete everything that could inhibit your
  5. Instead of “not enough”, think “plenty”.
  6. Feel rich inside.  Give thanks often that you are truly rich in mind now.
  7. Praise the power within you and feel it expand.
  8. Believe and act as if you already have your new high-level income.
  9. Establish harmony in your world.  Practice the Law of Love in all you do.
  10. Believe in and live by the spiritual law, “God is the Source of my supply.”

Prosperity Affirmation:  Through my expanded Prosperity Mental Equivalent, my prosperity is steadily growing in wonderful ways now.

Action:  Take a few minutes and think about what your present Mental Equivalent might be.  Whatever is presently happening in your life is the outpicturing of your present Mental Equivalent.  Use the law of substitution.  Substitute what you want for what you don’t want.  Be very clear about what you want and make sure you have great interest in it.

Copyright, John W. Adams.  All rights reserved.
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