Your Ideas Can Be Worth Billions!

By Dr. Joseph Murphy

Coal lay in ledges under the ground since the days of the flood; a laborer seeking wealth used his pick to bring it to the surface. This discovery resulted in employment for millions of people all over the world and served as the means of amassing countless fortunes. Coal carries the heat of the tropics to the Arctic Circle and makes home in the polar area as warm as those in Los Angeles.

A young Scotch boy, digging mentally within himself for a new idea which would make money for himself and for others, envisioned a fortune in the steam escaping from a tea kettle as it forced off the lid. All of a sudden the expansive force of the steam came to his mind, and this idea was the actual beginning of the steam engine which has revolutionized the world, has supplied work for untold millions, and thereby has caused the creation of fabulous wealth all over the world.

Someone recently brought to my attention a statement by Henry Ford. When he was asked what he would do if he lost all his money and his business, he replied, “I would think of some other fundamental, basic need of all people, and I would supply that need more cheaply and more efficiently than anyone else. In five years I would again be a multimillionaire.

Tremendous opportunities await you in this electronic and space age. Ask your deeper mind to give you new creative, inspirational ideas, and you will release the creative powers of your subconscious. You will find a need of humanity which in time will enrich and bless you. Begin now to release that imprisoned splendor within you! (From: Your Infinite Power to Be Rich)

From the writings of Dr. Joseph Murphy. Dr. Joseph Murphy was a Divine Science Minister, and a nationally known teacher and counselor. He lectured to very large audiences wherever he went. He wrote over a dozen books, his most popular book, Power of Your Subconscious Mind.