You Can Have What You Want

Lesson 24


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams
Lesson Twenty-four –
You Can Have What You Want

Prosperity Principle:  Pray and Act as though you already have your desires.

You can have your heart’s desires.  God wants you to have them and does not want you to wait a long time, even though some things seem to take longer than others to manifest.  Some desires apparently require more time, thought, work and substance to be fulfilled.

Regardless of appearances and the way that things seem to be today, we do not live in an instant world. Prayers are not always answered immediately, nor are desires fulfilled instantly every time.  However, prayers areanswered and desires arefulfilled when you pray in the right way, that is, in the consciousness of answered prayer.  This means to pray as though you already have the desires of your heart.  In other words, pray affirmatively, which is scientific prayer.

You must, of course, know exactly what it is you want to have or to achieve.  You must be able to form a clear picture of that object in your imagination and to “experience” it with your faith. 

Remember to relax and let God do the work.  Relax from all worry, doubt, and impatience. Too often, someone prays, and if their prosperity demonstration doesn’t happen as quickly as they want, they tend to negate their prayers by sinking back into old mental patterns of doubt, guilt, unworthiness, lack, and limitation-thinking.

Emmet Fox wrote in, The Mental Equivalent,Change your mind and keep it changed.”  This means to exclude the negatives, keep quiet, and stay focused.  Keep your faith in God; believe and give thanks that your prosperity increase is a done deal.  This mind action will attract charming, helpful people, materials and money to fulfill your desires.  It happened to the person, on the east coast, who wrote the following letter:

“Thank you for your prayer support.  You are a very special part of my life and I give thanks for your ministry.  Last week, I was offered a job as an account executive with a prestigious company, which is only two blocks from my home.  The owners are wonderful people, and offered me more money than I had in mind.  I begin work next Monday.  It’s amazing how this works!  Thank you again, for your guidance and support.  Here is my grateful tithe.”

A good rule is:  Act as though it is already so.  This means to no longer think or act as though your desired greater prosperity is off in the future some time.  Think and act as though it is present now.  Think rich because you are rich!

Prosperity Affirmation:  With God as my Source, I have what I want.  I am thankfully enjoying my greater prosperity now!

Action:  Sit quietly for a few minutes and consciously immerse yourself in the peaceful Presence of God within you.  Allow yourself to feel the unlimited abundance surrounding you.  Then proceed into your day in calm assurance and certainty.

Copyright, John W. Adams – All rights reserved.

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