Why Worry?

Lesson 11


Prosperity Made E-Z
by Rev. John W. Adams
Lesson Eleven – Why Worry?

 Prosperity Principle:  Faith in the power of Divine Love clears the way for prosperity.

Florence Scovell Shinn wrote in her book, The Game of Life, “Why worry, it is usually a sign that you are not praying in faith, believing.”

One of my colleagues said that he stopped worrying when he realized that God created the whole Universe without his help!

Worrying is playing old, negative tapes.  Erase those tapes and go free.  Worry is caused by fear.  It is giving power to what you fear may happen.  Usually, worry is wasted energy because often what you worry about never happens.

Worry is giving attention to lack and limitation instead of focusing your mind on the infinite riches of God within you and everywhere present.  It is denying God the opportunity to prosper you.   When you allow negative thoughts to fill your thinking process, you stop the flow of divine ideas, energy and prosperity power.  Also, it is focusing on dreaded possibilities instead of the abundance of God.

Renew your faith in God to provide for you.  Believe that His infinite supply is within and all around you, and that it is prospering you now regardless of appearances.  Move forward in the calm assurance that God is in charge and all is well, and that your success is assured.

Focus the great mental energy of your mind on God’s rich abundance.  He has plenty for you and He is ready when you are.  Make it a daily habit to first thing in the morning direct your thinking upon the vastness of universal riches.  Then whenever you begin to worry, STOP!  Take three deep breaths and declare:  I am centered in God’s vast unlimited abundance and I am mightily prospering now!

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity School of Practical Christianity, said, Worry is a thief and a robber, for it keeps your good from you.  It breaks the drawing law of love, the law that says: “Perfect love casts out fear.”  Banish fear by quietly and confidently affirming the drawing power of divine love as the constantly active magnet that attracts your unfailing supply.

A man and woman began to experience financial difficulties in their business.  Their income had taken a serious downturn for no apparent reason.  They wondered why customers seemed to avoid their shop.  However, instead of giving in to worry and fear, and wondering how they were to pay the rent and other expenses, they daily declared that divine love was working miracles in their financial affairs, and would provide all the money they needed.  They kept their minds securely centered in universal riches as they moved forward in faith.  After they had done this for a few days, business began to pick up, customers came and eagerly purchased merchandise, and their financial picture soon brightened.

Stuart Wilde wrote:  “Do something for yourself every day, something compassionate and kind.  I don’t mean buying yourself breakfast. I mean doing something that is spiritually nurturing: a massage, a fast, a meditation, exercise, rest, play – that kind of thing.  For it’s in the quiet time that you’ll see the great abundance of this life, and you’ll move from the ego’s disquiet to the spirit’s wholeness, and you’ll see that the things you worry about are often not worth the worry.  In the quiet time, you’ll see what has real worth for you and what is just fluff and hype.”  (The Little Money Bible – Hay House)

Instead of worrying, lift your vision, renew your faith and invoke the power of divine love in your financial affairs.  And, you will experience financial miracles!

Prosperity Affirmation:  Worry-free, I am light, happy, peaceful and prosperous now!

Action – Declare the above statement three times every morning this week before you get out of bed.

Copyright, John W. Adams.  All rights reserved.

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