Why People Don’t Prosper

by John Wolcott Adams

Have you tried and tried to prosper with only meager or dissatisfying results? For some time I’ve been aware that many people, no matter how hard they try, just do not prosper. Hopefully this article will help you if you are in this category or if you know someone who is, please send this article to him or her.

There are many reasons why people don’t prosper. I will address only a few in this article. Some of these things I have written about before but they bear repeating.

Do not limit the Channels of Your Financial Supply!

wrong way to prosperityOne reason people don’t prosper is because they look only to one or two avenues instead of to God, the source, for their supply. They wrongly believe that their job, husband, wife, investments, government, or some other channel is their source. This is very limiting. These are channels, not the Source.

When you establish in your belief system that God, the all-providing presence within you, is the Source of your supply, and look only to this one Source, then you understand that jobs, business, etc. are channels and that here is much more beyond these.

How a Young Man Prospered

In my book, *How to Have ‘Unexpected’ Income, I wrote about a young man who thought he was set for life with his company. He had no reason for doubting this. However, when the company began cutting back, he was scared that he, too, might be laid off. Sure enough, he was. For a while he was bitter, blaming the company for his deteriorating situation.

Fortunately, before long he was given a book on prosperous living. As he read it, he soon realized the reason for his being laid off was not because the company no longer needed him. He needed to learn that that company was not his source of his financial supply.

As this young man continued to study the book, he learned to go directly to God, and that God is a very loving, all-providing Presence, always within and around him. He also learned of the power of affirmative, or positive, prayer. He began to sincerely declare often:


With each passing day, his understanding and faith grew. Learning that tithing was a practical way to put God first, he began to tithe. As he did, he felt empowered as never before. Soon he was offered a new job with another company with a substantial increase in salary over what he had been earning. There were some very nice “perks,” too.

His whole life was better in every respect. Losing that job turned out to be a blessing! He vowed to never again look only to a company for his supply.

Do you have a Prosperous Self-image?

Another reason why people don’t prosper is an inadequate self-image. It is amazing how many people have concepts of themselves as being unworthy. Either through religious training, from parents or other well-meaning, but misinformed people, they have created belief systems of not deserving to be prosperous.

They mistakenly see themselves as having to work hard for so many years and while they think they would like to prosper in a big way, they just can’t do so because of their restricting self-image.

The solution is to create in imagination, the clear image of yourself as worthy of all of the riches of God. And, to see yourself actually enjoying the unlimited riches of God that are yours as a child of a very rich Father.

Three big Inhibitors of Prosperity You Can’t Afford!

Anger, resentment and unforgiveness are big deterrents to living a truly prosperous life. These negatives are extremely damaging not only to one’s ability to prosper, they adversely affects one’s health. vWould you even think of dragging behind you a large, heavy container of garbage? That is what is done when anger, resentment and unforgiveness are kept in consciousness.

A person had some money owed to him from an organization, but all attempts to collect it were met with frustration that is until he learned to release his anger and resentment about the matter, and to forgive. In the process he learned that he was angry about a lot of things, and at people. His resentment caused him to believe that it was okay to not forgive.

Fortunately, he sought the counsel of a wise spiritual leader. He was amazed at how wrong he had been and set about cleaning up his consciousness free himself from negative, lack-producing baggage. Soon, he was pleasantly surprised when the organization agreed to a settlement, which was larger than he thought he might get. This was the beginning of a wonderful new prosperous life for him!

Gratitude, Your Great Prospering Power!Unexpected You will be wise to do a little introspection in which you determine if you are harboring any negative beliefs and emotions, and to do whatever is necessary to clean them out. Then open yourself to the vast riches God has for you and gratefully claim and accept them as your divine right.

One of the great laws of prosperity is the Law of Gratitude. Be genuinely grateful for everything. You don’t really need anything to be grateful for, just be grateful! It is very prospering to declare often every day: “THANK YOU, GOD, I AM GRATEFUL!” Go for it with all your heart!

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