Why People Don’t Prosper

Lesson 29


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Twenty-nine – Why People Don’t Prosper

Prosperity Principle:
God is the one and only source of your supply. 

One of the main reasons people do not prosper is because they look only to one or two channels instead of to God, the source, for their supply.  They mistakenly believe that their job, husband, wife, investment, government, or other channel is their source.  This kind of thinking is very limiting because those are channels or avenues, not the source.

Establishing in your belief system the reality of God as your source, you are able to think beyond what you receive from a job, business or other channels.  When a person works for a company, there is usually agreement on salary and other compensation, and it is easy for that person to believe that the company is the source of his financial supply.  But again, it must be stressed that the company is only a channel, not the source.  Therefore, when a person is employed by a company, he is free to look beyond what he may receive as salary.  When he does, often the way opens for him to receive additional money through other channels.

I wrote in my book, How To Have ‘Unexpected’ Income, about a man who thought he was set for life with his company.  He liked the company and the work he was doing.  He had no reason for doubting that he could not count on this for many years.

However, there came a time when the company began cutting back and he became worried that he might be laid off.  Sure enough, his fears proved to be true and he found himself unemployed.   For a while he was bitter, blaming the company for his situation.  But fortunately, he was given a copy of my book, Power Words for Prosperous Living!  Upon reading this book, he soon realized the real reason for being laid off.  It was not because the company no longer needed him, but that he needed to learn that the company was not his source of supply, but that God within him, was his all-providing source.

As he continued to study this book, he learned to go directly to God, through prayer and meditation, and that God is a very loving, all-providing Presence.  He also learned the power of his words and of affirmative prayer.  He often declared:

God is my source, therefore, my supply is where I am and I am always abundantly provided for.

With each succeeding day his faith grew.  Learning that tithing was a vital and practical way to put God first, he began to tithe from all the money he received.  He felt empowered as never before and was soon offered a job with another company at a substantially increased salary over what he had been earning, plus some very interesting “perks” and bonuses.  He later received guidance for investing his money which brought him millions in added income.

Another reason why people don’t prosper is an inadequate self-image.  It is amazing how many people have concepts of themselves as being unworthy.  This is caused by early religious training, from parents, or other well-meaning but unenlightened people.  Thus they have created belief systems of not deserving to really prosper.

Mistakenly, they see themselves as having to work hard for so many years and while they may think they’d like to prosper in a big way, they are not able to.  This is caused by a dis-empowering image they carry in their minds.

Failure to work in harmony with the spiritual laws of prosperity is another reason why people don’t prosper.

The solution is to create in your imagination, a clear image of yourself as worthy of all of the riches of God and to see yourself actually enjoying those riches as rightfully yours as the child of God that you are.

As mentioned in a previous Lesson, anger, resentment and unforgiveness are big inhibiters of prosperity.  You really cannot afford them.  You wouldn’t think of dragging around a large container of garbage, but that is exactly what is done when anger, resentment and unforgiveness are held on to.  If you sincerely desire to prosper in a big way, release those poverty-producing emotions.  Focus on Love.

Divine Love is the ultimate prospering power.  Divine Love makes prosperity easier.

Prosperity Prayer:  God is the source of all my good.  I bless all channels of my prosperity and give thanks that I am now prospered in all my ways.

Action – Think about your job or other avenues of receiving income.  Ask yourself, “Do I believe these to be the source of my supply?”  “Do I really believe God is my one and only Source?”  Pay attention to your answers.

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