What’s Your Penny?

penniesWhen Antoinette Bourignan turned eighteen, she yearned for God, but the world was pressing in upon her. As was the practice in the seventeenth century, a marriage was arranged for her, but she longed to be the bride of Christ. At that young age, she gave herself to God. At four o’clock one morning, she dressed herself as a hermit, took one penny to buy a day’s bread, and left her home. As she departed, the still, small voice said to her: “Where is your faith?” “In a penny?” The words touched her, and she released her hold on the penny. By throwing it away, Antoinette continued not only her earthly travels, but her journey into the kingdom of God.

As the still, small voice spoke to Antoinette; she realized the penny was a symbol of her dependence upon earthly things and a barrier to her realization of the Source. Therefore, she cast the penny aside. It may have bought bread for a day, but what about the days to follow? The spent penny would not help her tomorrow. Only an awareness of the Source could provide for her i n the days to come.

What’s your penny?

What earthly things do you mistakenly believe make you safe and secure? What barriers have you erected between you and the riches that are yours in spiritual consciousness? There are many possibilities.

There three “pennies” you must discard if you are to experience true, abundant, and lasting prosperity. They are:

  1. Judging by appearances.
  2. Thinking lack.
  3. Holding resentments.

Judging by appearances is a barrier to a consciousness of God. It is limited vision.

Thinking lack is a barrier to a consciousness of God. When you focus on what you don’t seem to have, it produces more of the same: Lack.

Holding resentments is a barrier to a consciousness of God. When you do this, you literally squeeze out love. Love is your great prospering power. When you hold resentments, you are telling the Universe you’d rather have unhappiness and to do without financial plenty.

Money is not your source or supply. Money is good, especially to have plenty of it. But it is the result of thinking prosperously. It is the handy green energy of God.

True wealth is an awareness of Spirit. Anyone may demonstrate lots of money, but that doesn’t mean they are wealthy. True wealth comes directly from God, the source. It includes plenty of money, and faith, love, wisdom, understanding, kindness and happiness.

The have-not consciousness can produce only one thing‹loss. It is always better to think and declare: “I have!” regardless of appearances.

Anything that shields you from a consciousness of God separates you from supply. Therefore, it is wise to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. The golden key to true prosperity is having a consciousness of God and letting all of the rich good God has for you, to flow out through you. – Lovingly, Rev. John (The above is adapted from: Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay by Jim Rosemergy)

The first rule of flow is to constantly tell your mind that you are rich. – Stuart Wilde

Prosperity cup is running over! Thank you for teaching me to tithe. At first I was very doubtful, but because my finances were in very poor condition, I was ready for a change. I realized nothing else had worked and I had nothing to lose. Right after sending my first tithe check, which felt really good to do, things began to happen. I accepted a new job where the pay was twice what I had been getting. I started receiving invitations to dinner, and was given some very nice gifts. My cup is running over! Thank you for helping me make the ‘Divine Connection’ with God, the source. As usual, my grateful tithe is enclosed. C. P. – New York

Prosperity Prayer: Divinely guided, I look only to God for my supply, I think plenty thoughts and I let love work prosperity miracles in me and in my life.