What Prosperity Really Is

Lesson 28


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Twenty-eight – What Prosperity Really Is

Prosperity Principle:
Give what you want to have. To enjoy abundance, give abundantly. 

A great many people are interested in Prosperity and that is why I provide these lessons.  My desire is to help everyone to live “the more abundant life.”  It is interesting to note that with so many people placing so much attention on prosperity, a much smaller number of people know what prosperity really is.

Most people believe that prosperity is receiving or having a lot of money and other things that go to making a person affluent.  I have heard people exclaim to me, “I made a great prosperity demonstration,” meaning that they received a big influx of cash, or some financial situation worked out so that their money supply was substantially increased.  Good for them.  That is great, but it is not really what prosperity truly is.

Prosperity is giving.  Jim Rosemergy points this out in his book, Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay. “We mistakenly believe that prosperity is demonstrated when we receive – when money comes to us or we get a new job.  This is not true. Prosperity’s demonstration is giving. Giving depends upon our understanding of our spiritual nature.”

He goes on to tell of a circuit-riding preacher who spoke one evening at a small rural church, and took his ten-year-old son with him.  Near the door as they entered, was an offering box and the preacher placed a ten-dollar bill in it.  After the service, he was told that his honorarium was the money in the box.  When he looked in the box there was just one ten-dollar bill.  As he and his son left the church, the son said to his father, “I guess if you had put more in you would have gotten more out.”

That is a good point.  So often people want to receive more but they do not understand that if they would give more, they would have more.  There is something magical about giving, especially when it comes from the heart.

I know people who have tried long and hard to prosper, but they keep judging by appearances, wrongly believing they just don’t have much money and so they don’t give much.  If they could only see that by opening their minds and hearts to having a greater consciousness of God as their source, and being larger and freer channels of giving, they would have more.  They would be amazed at how prosperity doors would open for them, and windows, too!

Tithing is an excellent way to practice the art of giving because it involves the prosperity law of giving and receiving.  Consistent tithing to the channel or channels of your spiritual food creates consistency in your receiving.  Tithing establishes a foundation under your prosperity and makes it permanent.

Through tithing a definite connection is made between your finances and the Source of your supply.  Tithing keeps your financial and all your affairs in constant contact with the Source.  Thus you have constant access to universal substance and power.  The results are consistent with your faithful compliance with this great law of giving and receiving, the Law of Attraction in prospering action.

Again, prosperity is givingJim Rosemergy said further in, Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay, “The Truth is, when we give, the one who receives is blessed, but the giver receives the greater blessing.  The one who receives has something tangible to point to—the gift.  The giver gains an expanded awareness of the way God’s universe works and a consciousness that provides for every need, and fulfills every good desire.

“Spiritual understanding calls us to put aside our need to determine how to receive what we consider to be the blessings of life. Instead, it asks us to begin to investigate how to give, for giving is prosperity’s demonstration.”

In my extensive study, research, and observations, I have realized that there are still a large number of people who struggle, financially.  Many of these people ask me to help them, saying that they really want to prosper.  Some of them pay attention and do what is required and reap the rewards.  But others seem to prefer to go on struggling.

I have sometimes asked myself why they do that.  It seems that they have developed such a “friendship” with financial lack and limitation, they aren’t sure they want to end it.  They may be miserable in their financial struggles, but are apparently not willing to do what is necessary to really change things.  Also, they still believe they will be prosperous when they receive more money.

This works as a paradox because they are thinking one thing while expecting a different result.  Little do they realize, it seems, that they must do an about face and start believing that prosperity is not receiving, but giving.

To put this simply, it is like planting flower seeds while expecting beautiful flowers.  First you give the seeds to the ground, then you give them water and fertilizer.  You give them your loving attention as they are sprouting and growing.  Then, in due time, they give you their beauty and fragrance, and you cut them and give to friends.  In so doing, you are prosperous because you are giving.

In regard to your personal prosperity, what do you have to give?  Give your open mind and heart to the Source.  Give your imagination freedom to soar.  Give your faith to ideas received.  Give your best thought, word and action to whatever you undertake.  Give of whatever money you have not so much in expectation of receiving more, but in the realization that by giving you are truly prosperous.  Give thanks from a grateful heart that is securely imbedded in the Source.

Would you like to be a millionaire?  If your answer is “yes” as it usually is to this question, what are you willing to give in order to achieve this?  Is your intention to give at least a million dollars worth of loving service to humanity?  Decide on what you have to give and start giving it.  Make the world richer, more beautiful, peaceful and harmonious and your rightful share of God’s riches will more easily flow to you.

Prosperity Prayer:  I give freely and fearlessly into Life and Life gives back to me with fabulous increase.  My giving makes me rich!

Action:  Ask yourself, “What do I have to give?” “What can I give to bless others?”  “What can I do to add to the happiness, peace and prosperity of humanity?”  Keep asking and listening.  Act upon what is revealed to you.

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