Welcome from Rev. John W. Adams

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A Letter from Rev. John W. Adams

Dear Friend:

Thank you for visiting this website. It is my intention to make it as helpful as possible so as to insure that you experience ever-increasing prosperity in all areas of life. Dare to prosper! Dare to put to work what you learn in these pages. Let the prosperous truth fulfill your deepest desires for the abundant life!

On this page, and throughout both of my websites, I teach the Law of Attraction in Action. Discover the wealth of great prospering ideas awaiting you here. My intent is to help you be an irresistible magnet for drawing to you, the wealth of the Universe in every wonderful form.

I was prompted to make this website available to you, and everyone, because most of the many prayer requests we receive are from people who are seeking more prosperity. Many people, it seems, are still living below the poverty line, or are struggling financially to some degree. There was a time when I was one of those, so I know how undesirable that is. Thankfully, through years of study, prayer, meditation, and practice, I now enjoy a much greater level of abundance, and the freedom and happiness that accompanies it.

My ministry, especially through my websites, appeals to affluent people, too. They easily recognize and appreciate the intention and value of what is presented here, and are always seeking new, more prospering ideas and inspiration.

My heartfelt desire is to help you and everyone use the Law of Attraction and enjoy more prosperity including good health, happiness, freedom, peace of mind, and plenty of money! By doing this, it will make at least some difference in the lives of people all over the world, while raising over-all world prosperity consciousness.