Unlimit Your Thinking

Lesson 14


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams
Lesson Fourteen – Unlimit Your Thinking

Prosperity Principle:  Unlimited Thinking is essential for Unlimited Prosperity.

Prosperity has more to do with thinking than anything else.  You think yourself poor or prosperous, or somewhere in-between.  Therefore, it is most important in prosperity mastery, to un-limit your thinking.  For one reason or another, many people fall into a rut of small thinking when it comes to receiving the abundance God has for everyone and then they wonder why they’re not more prosperous.

This happened to Sally, a woman who, because of circumstances, believed that she was supposed to work hard, don’t ask for much, and to not complain.  She mistakenly believed that this was God’s will for her. Although miserable, she stoically kept eking out a living, which was more mere existence than real abundance.  Then one day, someone gave her a copy of my book, “Power Words for Prosperous Living“.  At first she wasn’t sure she should read it and didn’t until a little later when she realized that she was fed up with living as she had and began to hope that somehow there was more to life than hard work and going without the finer things of life.

Eventually picking up the book, Sally opened it and began to read, and what she read astounded her so much she put the book down and for at least a little while, sat in disbelief that what it said could possibly be true for her.  What she had read was that she was a child of God and deserved to be happy and prosperous, and that it was wrong for her to just merely exist; to only work hard and not ask for or expect very much.

What she read stirred something in her, and after a day or two, picked up the book again and began to read, this time, continuing.  In fact, she became so excited with what the book was saying to her, she did not put the book down again until she had read it completely.  She knew then she was done with the past and truly ready to claim the richer life she was entitled to.  She decided to ask me if I would be her personal prosperity coach.

I was happy to be of help to her and during our sessions together, one of the things I encouraged her to do was to stop thinking of herself as poor and deprived, and that doing without was God’s will for her.  I urged her to accept that God wanted her to prosper, that He was the source of her supply, and it was right for her to be just as rich as she possibly could be.

As my words began to sink into Sally’s consciousness, she decided that she would put this teaching to the test.  No longer would she allow herself to think in small, limiting terms about her life.  She began to meditate on the vast abundance of God, accept God as her source and that she could un-limit her prosperity.  And she did!

She made up her mind that she would never again work hard or put up with financial lack.  She would ask God to help her, she would put her complete faith in God, and keep moving forward until she achieved the prosperous life she desired, however long it took.

Sally affirmed over and over:  I loose and let go of every limiting thought about my prosperity.  All channels of God’s rich supply are open and clear and I now move quickly and easily into my unlimited prosperity!

With the help of a few friends, Sally opened her own business, a lovely gift shop which she had always wanted to have.  Making God her Partner through tithing, her shop prospered from day one. With each passing day, she became happier, healthier and more prosperous.  She was amazed at the change that had come over her, and the wonderful new life she now enjoyed.  Helping herself to unlimit her own prosperity, helped many others, too.

Yes, unlimited prosperity begins with, and is maintained, by thinking.  The basic principle underlying unlimited prosperity is unlimited thinking.  Release and let go every limiting thought and accept that God, within you and everywhere present, is the source of your unlimited prosperity.  Act as though you believe this and follow through.  When you do, miracles of abundance will happen to you!

Charles Fillmore wrote:  “Do not hesitate to think that prosperity is for you.  Do not feel unworthy.  Banish all thoughts of being a martyr to poverty.  No one enjoys financial lack, but some people seem to enjoy the sympathy and compassion they can excite because of it.  Overcome any leaning in that direction and every idea that you were meant to be poor.  Think prosperity, talk prosperity, not in general but in specific terms, not as something for the other person but as your very own right.”

Prosperity Affirmation:  I release and let go every limiting thought about my prosperity.  All channels of God’s rich supply are open and clear and I now move into my unlimited prosperity.  

Action:  Take a few minutes for the next three days and check up on your thinking.  Determine to delete every limiting thought replacing them with thoughts of the overflowing abundance of God.

Copyright, John W. Adams.  All rights reserved

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