Universal Givingness

Rev. John W. Adams


There is a givingness that is always happening in the universe, the givingness of God. As you behold the beauty, order, and harmony of life, it is inconceivable to entertain the possibility of a God that is not continually giving of Itself.

Likewise, when you turn your glance inward, piercing to the depths of your own being, you sense even more profoundly this divine givingness, which always sustains and maintains your very life.

Sometimes you may unconsciously overlook, or even block, the good that is always flowing in your life because you expect it to come from a particular source.

Divine Mind knows infinite ways of expressing Its abundance in your life, and you need to move into an attitude of expectancy rather than expectation. You do this by expecting good to always reveal itself, thus opening yourself to the infinite avenues through which God gives.

As an incarnation of the Most High God, it is your privilege to consciously participate in this universal givingness. In truth, your heart is always yearning to do so, for you cannot be aware of receiving without experiencing the impulse to give.

Receiving and giving are one and the same activity, all a part of the divine circulation that takes place at every point in creation.

As you receive graciously, you give by allowing the act of generosity to happen; and as you give, you receive the satisfaction of participating in universal givingness. Thus you experience great joy in the divine activity of giving and receiving! – Joan Steadman