‘Unexpected’ Income Prosperity Program

Unexpected Income ProgramA New Yorker received a totally unexpected inheritance of thousands of dollars and experienced the healing of a long-standing physical condition while using the ‘Unexpected’ Income Prayer-Treatment.

Another participant in Florida sold more real estate than he had ever sold before when he enrolled in this powerful prosperity program.

Do you want to increase your prosperity?

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Our ‘Unexpected’ Income Prosperity Program will:

  • Cause your abundance to increase when you faithfully use the *Prayer-Treatment
  • Help you unlimit the channels through which money and other wonderful blessings come to you

Since this program was first offered over 25 years ago, thousands of people, worldwide, have benefited from it. When you enroll in this program, prosperity miracles will begin happening to you!

It’s fun to receive happy financial surprises!

‘Unexpected’ financial blessings spice up your life and give you joy. When you use your mind and the power of positive prayer, you cause prosperous blessings to come to you more easily and often.

Repeated Prosperity Attacks!

A word of caution: One participant said about this program, It takes a strong constitution to withstand repeated attacks of prosperity!”

Here are two happy ‘Unexpected’ Income reports:

Receives Pay Increase! Not only was I able to take a really super vacation, I’ve been offered a new job that pays over $4,000 more than the job I had lost. I am so thankful that I kept on tithing and using the Prayer-Treatment for ‘Unexpected’ Income. Together they have worked miracles in my life! I have a new attitude of positive expectancy and I am grateful.” – R. M. in Ohio

Receives $$$ gift! “Yesterday I received a gift of $80, and I have received other gifts, too. The Prayer-Treatment for ‘Unexpected’ Income surely works! I urge everyone to get involved in this wonderful, fun way to increase their prosperity.” – G. W. in Pennsylvania

When you use the Prayer-Treatment for ‘Unexpected’ Income —

You send out positive prosperity vibrations that attract to you, (Law of Attraction) money and other wonderful blessings causing your financial condition to improve. In fact, your whole life improves. You are happier and healthier, too! I recommend that you involve members of your family in this program. Invite friends, fellow employees, and others to join with you, and enjoy this prospering activity together.

Here is how to enroll in the ‘Unexpected’ Income Prosperity Program and begin attracting to you, ‘Unexpected’ (and Expected) Income.

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How to Have Unexpected Income!

How to Have “Unexpected” Income!

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