‘Unexpected’ Income Program

$ Do you want to increase your prosperity?
$ Would you like to have happy financial surprises?
$ You can when you participate in the . . . 

GKM Anniversary 40 Day
‘Unexpected’ Income Prosperity Program 

We are offering this special 40 Day dynamic prospering opportunity
in Celebration of our 40th Anniversary.

The Golden Key Ministry Anniversary 40 Day ‘Unexpected’ Income Prosperity Program is a powerful activity that will cause your abundance to increase when you faithfully use the *Prayer-Treatment for ‘Unexpected’ Income. This program is designed to help you unlimit the channels through which money and other wonderful blessings come to you.  

Read how others have received ‘Unexpected’ income . . .

  • From Alaska: “A friend shared the ‘unexpected’ income prayer-treatment with me and I used it three times daily. With one week I unexpectedly received $300.00, and the following week I received another $300.00. I have received smaller amounts, too. This thing works!”
  • From Alabama: “My ‘unexpected’ income came through my employer. When I was hired full time, I thought I would be earning $1,500.00 per month. But when I received my first paycheck (for a half-month) it was for $800.00. Also, I have received other financial ‘surprises’.”
  • From Oregon: “After joining the ‘unexpected’ income program, I have twice found unexpected funds in my checking account. The first time, I had no food when I discovered I had $90.00 in the account. The next week I found another $110.00. Since then my income has improved substantially due to finding a good job. I know that my involvement in ‘unexpected’ income helped me in that, too.”

Note: Above money figures are in 1980s/90s dollars. The above reports are from my book, “How to Have ‘Unexpected’ Income.”

One of the most important aspects of this program, and probably why it is so successful in producing financial increase, is that it causes you to open your mind, expand your thinking and look beyond normal channels of financial supply thus unlimiting the number of channels through which money may come to you. It helps you get out of financial rut-thinking. It creates a wide-open attitude of anticipation and expectancy. Most people need to do this, and when they do it works wonders! Some people get their thinking so stretched out of old financial ruts, they never go back to the old limited thinking!

A prospering friend in New York received a totally unexpected inheritance of thousands of dollars and experienced healing of a long-standing physical condition, too, after using the Prayer-Treatment. Another ‘Unexpected’ Income Prosperity Program participant in Florida, sold more real estate than he had ever done before. That was when we only offered this program during the summer months, but he got so excited, he decided to keep with the program for the whole year! Still another person won a big sweepstakes contest, while another received substantial raises in pay.

When you use the Prayer-Treatment for ‘Unexpected’ Income, you send out positive, prospering vibrations that attract to you, money and other wonderful blessings causing your financial income to substantially improve. In fact, your whole life improves. You are happier and healthier, too!

Enroll Now!

Join the GKM Anniversary 40 Day ‘Unexpected’ Income Prosperity Program now and create more prosperity for yourself. You will become an irresistible magnet for happy financial “surprises.” When you join, you will be sent a free copy of the Prayer-Treatment for ‘Unexpected’ Income. This is the same Prayer-Treatment contained in my book,  How to Have ‘Unexpected’ Income! **

How to join the GKM Anniversary ‘Unexpected’ Income program:

  • Send an e-mail to us with UNEXPECTED INCOME in the subject line.
  • In the message part of your e-mail, put your FULL NAME plus your e-mail address. This is essential and helps us respond to you faster.
  • Ask for GKM Unexpected Income program.
  • Press SEND.
When we receive your enrollment, we will send to you, the Prayer-Treatment for ‘Unexpected’ Income by e-mail.

There is no charge for this program, however, you may give a contribution of $10.00, or more, if you wish, to Golden Key Ministry-Unity when you enroll. You may do this through the PayPal button on this page or P. O. Box 30989, Phoenix, AZ 85046-0989.

Your name will be placed on our ‘Unexpected’ Income Prosperity Program prayer list and we will especially support you in prayer every day for 40 days.

** By the way, you may read the Introduction of my book How to Have ‘Unexpected’ Income!

Lovingly, Rev. John