Day 26 – Think Abundantly Today

These 40 powerful articles are provided here to help you use the Law of Attraction every day in creating a more prosperous life for yourself.

The purpose is to cause you to think abundantly on a daily basis for at least 40 days.

When you think abundantly you are keeping your mind on God, the Source, where it belongs and setting yourself up for a more prosperous life.

It’s the Law of Attraction in action!

Day 26
Think Abundantly Today!

We often see the law of mental attraction at work in the business world as it works through ideas held in mind; ideas that create an attracting or repelling mental atmosphere. The businessman who dwells upon the goodness of God in himself and others, and who thinks about and expects success, will radiate the attracting mental atmosphere that draws success.

Emerson described such a person when he said, “Great hearts send forth steadily the secret forces that incessantly draw great events.”

The businessman who dwells on limited, negative ideas, seeing only the problems and troubles of the world, holding only evil concepts of himself, his family, his business associates and the world in general, sets up a negative mental atmosphere that repels customers and success, no matter how hard he works physically.

You can begin to invoke the prosperity law of mental attraction in a positive way by daily dwelling on these statements of Truth: The law of mental attraction now opens wide every rich channel of supply. I invite the powerful, loving action of God into my life, and every need is met. I expect the best and I now attract the best in every experience. Thank You, God, for the abundance that is mine!

(From The Secret of Unlimited Supply by Catherine Ponder)

– Lovingly Rev. John
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