The Way of Abundance

Lesson 30


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Thirty – The Way of Abundance

Prosperity Principle:
Thinking, speaking and living prosperously is the way of abundance. 

The way of abundance is a one-way street.  If you have been striving to demonstrate abundance in your life; to get on financial easy street, you must go in the direction that financial easy street goes in.  There are no two ways about it.  Either you are going in the direction of lack or in the direction of abundance.  Go with the flow of abundance and you will have abundance.

It is all a matter of consciousness.  The person with a rich consciousness and the person with a poor consciousness are not traveling on the same mental street.  One is going with the flow of success, the other is going the wrong way.

Eric Butterworth wrote:  “Success is not just “getting there”.  It is earning the right to be there.  It is being in the flow of the creative process.” (In The Flow of Life)

It is true there is lavish supply for everyone.  The person with a rich consciousness taps into that supply through his or her thinking.  If you are not tapping in to the rich supply that is yours by divine right, then, why aren’t you?

It is not okay to put up with lack and limitation, at least on a permanent basis.  If you do, there is something wrong in your thinking that needs to be corrected.  Do not allow old beliefs to interfere with the demonstration of unlimited financial supply.  Do not allow other people to determine what you will have, either.

It is important to watch your thoughts and words.  You cannot demonstrate abundance through thinking or speaking words of lack and limitation.  Words return to you in like-kind experiences and conditions.

There was a woman who had limited ideas of prosperity.  She continually was making her old clothes “do” instead of buying new ones.  She was very careful with what money she had, stretching it out as far as it would go, and counseling (a nice word for nagging) her husband not to overspend.  She said over and over, “I don’t want anything I cannot afford.”

She couldn’t afford much, so she didn’t have much, even with all her scrimping and saving, there was never enough to go around or to really enjoy living.  Eventually things began to fall apart.  Her world turned upside down when her husband, who was tired of her nagging, limited thinking and behavior, left her.

Fortunately, in the midst of her despair, she came across a copy of my book, Power Words for Prosperous Living! in a library, which she swore that it “fell” off the shelf into her hands.  From this book she learned of the power of her thoughts and words.  She was amazed at what she read, but fortunately, she was ready and opened her mind to the ideas presented to her.  Eventually, she realized that she had produced every one of her unhappy experiences and miserable conditions through her wrong thinking, which she described as disgusting.  Laughing heartily at her mistakes, she decided to profit by them and was determined to prove the law of abundance for herself.

Placing her faith securely in the Source, she fearlessly used the little money she had to prove her faith in the invisible supply.  Immediately she began to tithe, giving 10% of what she had, back to God by sending it to me as the author of the book that had taught her how to change her thinking.  She stopped thinking and talking lack and limitation and kept herself feeling and looking prosperous.

Old friends hardly recognized her, thinking that she may have flipped out of her mind.  She had flipped out, alright, but not in the way they thought.  She had given the heave-ho to the old lack-thoughts and her miserly way of living.  She had swung into the way of abundance and was determined to stay there.  Soon money began to come to her, more than she ever had before.  Old financial doors that had remained closed, opened for her, and new ones, too.  She got a job with a company that hired her although she had no training for the work.  But, she loved and thrived in it.  Management loved her, too, and gave her one raise after another, and eventually she was offered a leadership position with a substantial salary and valuable shares in the company.

What happened?  This woman had changed the quality of her thoughts and words and had consciously stepped into the way of abundance.  She had placed her faith securely in God, the source of her supply, and confidently moved forward, claiming and accepting the riches God had been trying to give her all along.

Do not put up with financial lack as a permanent thing.  God’s will for you is financial abundance along with all the other good things of life.  Gratefully and lovingly claim and accept all the good God has for you.  That is the way of abundance.

Prosperity Prayer:  God is the Source of my supply.  Thinking and speaking prosperously, I walk the way of abundance.  Everything prospers me now!

Action – Keep on keeping on.  Review these lessons often and let them be your guide to keep you on track and to enjoy your ever-increasing abundance.

Copyright, John W. Adams.  All rights reserved.

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