The True Prosperity Connection

Lesson 10


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Ten- The True Prosperity Connection

Prosperity Principle: When you Tithe, You Thrive!

Tithing is one of the best ways to connect with the Source.  It makes the divine connection between God and your finances through your consciousness.  Tithing is proving that you really believe that God is more than sufficient to provide for you because it is working with the law of giving and receiving.

The secret to demonstrating prosperity in a spiritual way – and on no other basis can your prosperity be secure – is to understand and to know to the point of realization, that the one and only Source of your supply is God.  Your employment, business, investments, clients, and customers are channels through which God’s rich supply comes to you.

When you tithe with this understanding, which is spiritual, it is solid evidence that you have accepted this position.  The result is financial plus every other good form of abundance.

Understand that tithing does not include charity or material giving.  The tithe is given solely toward the spread of Truth around the world.  This is done by financially supporting the activities, people, and institutions that are actually engaged in this important spiritual work.  It is never used to pay bills, help friends or charities.

An important thing to know is that since you are an integral part of God, when you give God His ten percent, through His channels of spiritual instruction, you ultimately give to yourself.  This is true because through the giving of the tenth of your whole income, you are helping those channels to provide you with your spiritual groceries.

Dr. John Murray wrote:  “Those who tithe are always certain that they have God for a Partner.”  In other words, through tithing you create a divine partnership that knows for certain, how to prosper, and in a most satisfying way!  It is a win-win situation in every sense of the word.

Tithing opens your mind to rich ideas.  Many people have been exceedingly prospered through their tithing practice.

* * *

Angie Cruz wrote:  I believe in tithing because it is the best way to thank God for His benevolence in all areas of our lives.  It is also a wonderful way to show God how much we love Him.  Tithing is a method that has helped me in many wonderful ways like none other, for various reasons:

1.  Tithing has helped me to be open-minded to the goodness of God.
2.  It has helped me to expand my consciousness in the opulence that God has for me.
3.  It helps me to focus on abundance instead of scarcity.
4.  It is a blessing to be an instrument of God’s goodness and provision to bless places that from which I receive my spiritual nourishment.
5.  The act of putting God first financially, has given me wisdom on how to use the 90% of substance left according to God’s plan for my life.
6.  When I give, the 90% goes further.
7.  I also have found tithing beneficial because it gives me peace of mind by knowing that God is in charge of all my financial transactions and that He makes me prosper in all my endeavors.
8.  Tithing is the best way for me to send a message to the Universe that I depend on God for my every need to be met.
9.  Tithing helps me to raise my positive expectancy in the happy financial surprises God is sending my way.

Angie further wrote:  I want to share with you another positive outcome that God has caused in my life related to tithing:

In 2006, God opened the way for me to go back to Columbia where to human sense it appeared impossible for me to go because I was in debt and I know He blessed me that way due to my faithfulness to and consistency in tithing.  When I was in my country on vacation, God provided for my every need for the two weeks I was there, and I even had money to spare.  God did a miracle because I owed about $500 to my dad, but he forgave the debt, and now I owe him nothing.

I have noticed that my loved one, my belongings, and are protected by God when I put Him first financially.  The best part is that giving makes me richer day by day because God is my Source and my supply.

*          *          *

When you tithe, you prosper because it establishes a divine connection with the Source of all wealth and creates abundant consciousness which naturally out-pictures constantly increasing prosperity in your life.  Also, it gives you peace of mind, joy and an inner assurance that all is well.

Prosperity Prayer:  Through tithing I have a divine partnership with God, the source of all wealth.  I thankfully tithe and thrive!

Action:  If you have not been tithing, decide to do so faithfully for the next six months.

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Copyright, John W. Adams. All rights reserved.

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