The Secret of Prosperous Living

The Secret of Prosperous LivingThis special article is created to help you to actually experience increased prosperity.  It is part of the dedication of Golden Key Ministry-Unity to help as many people as possible to live the truly abundant life we are all entitled to.  I trust that you find it helpful and truly prospering. Your comments are invited. – Lovingly, Rev. John 

The following are ideas to energize your mind and your prosperity.

It has been estimated that over thirty million people have studied self-help methods in the past decade or so, and that eighty percent of today’s adult American population are engaged in a search for self-help fulfillment. The key as to whether they find that fulfillment may lie in whether they learn and apply the secret of prosperous increase.

Various schemes have been suggested for getting rich quickly.  Many of them fail, because they are based on “getting” – not on “giving.”  Here is how the secret of prosperous increase works:  systematic giving is the beginning of systematic increase.  However, that giving must be done in a certain way, through consistent sharing of your tithes.  The word “tithe” means “tenth,” and the ancient people felt that “ten” was “the magic number of increase.”

Your tithe should be given first and impersonally – separate from that which you spend on yourself, your family, your business, or your friends.  Such impersonal gifts are usually given to spiritual causes where you are receiving help and inspiration to help you prosper in all areas of life.

Systematic sharing with the universe of a portion of all that the universe shares with you is the beginning of financial increase.

How a businessman doubled his income in just one year

A businessman worked long and hard in his field, yet he never achieved the prosperity and success he felt he should have.  He had taken various success courses over the years, all of which temporarily encouraged him. Yet permanent success evaded him.  When he heard about the prospering power of systematic giving at a prosperity seminar, he decided to try it.

He began to tithe a tenth of his gross income on a weekly basis to the church where he had learned this prosperity principle.  Every Sunday morning when he had finished up his workweek, he totaled up his income and wrote his tithe check first, before meeting other financial obligations.  Within one year, his financial income doubled!

He said the only thing he had done differently in his work in that year was to consistently give one-tenth of his income to that church.  He has since paid off the mortgage on his home, purchased a new building to house his business, and taken his first vacation in years.  He said simply:  “Tithing spells success on all levels of life.”

How the secret of prosperous increase works

Systematic giving is most often done by enlightened individuals through the practice of tithing to God’s work at the point or points where they are receiving spiritual help and inspiration.

The Hebrews of the Old Testament became one of the richest groups of people the world has ever known, because they gave not the last and the least, but the first and the best, and their giving made them rich!  They never complained about their lavish giving and they never repealed their generous tithing practices.  Over and over, the payment of their tithes brought peace and plenty.  Ten is still the magic number of increase to those who consistently practice sharing a tenth of their income and assets in this special way today.

An accountant’s financial discovery

Accountants are regarded a very prudent people.  Their job is to help clients conserve their income rather than dissipate it.  But a Los Angeles public accountant once said to me, “I have noticed that my clients, who tithe, prosper.  Their incomes continue to go up, up, up year after year.  When I have a client who is having financial difficulties and not prospering, he is not a tither.”

The word “prosper” in its root means “wholeness.”  That is what the prophet, Malachi, promised in the last book of the Old Testament to those who tithe.  He pointed out that tithing can be the best investment in successful living you can make over the years, and also the most soul-satisfying.

The above is adapted from Open Your Mind to Receive by Catherine Ponder.

Declare the Prospering Truth: 

God is my source and my consciousness of God is my supply.
Every day in every way, I am growing richer and richer!
I no longer strain and strive, I tithe and thrive.
I freely give my tenth to God and I reap a hundredfold.
All financial doors are open, all financial channels are free, and rich abundance
     now comes to me in God’s own wonderful way!
Guided by Divine Love and Wisdom, I am prospering in wonderful ways now!
Faithfully tithing, I think rich, feel rich, act rich.  I am rich!

I trust you have found this spiritual food of value to you.  I know from personal experience that tithing works.  If you have not been a tither, give it your best consideration and get started with this dynamic way to increase your prosperity and joy of living.
– Lovingly, Rev. John 

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 Live Life Lovingly!