The Prospering Power of Your Words

Lesson 6


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Six – The Prospering Power of Your Words

Prosperity Principle:  Through the power of my spoken word, I can change my life.

A lady, who was divorced, unemployed, and with two small children to feed and clothe, was tired of struggling financially and came to me for help.  It was evident, that she had spent many years of her life thinking and speaking in a negative, self-demeaning way.  Her unhappiness was compounded as she went from one negative experience to another.  Nothing seemed to go right for her.  How could it?

After listening to this lady for awhile, I asked her to listen to herself; to really hear the words she spoke.  I explained how, through her thoughts and words, she had created her undesirable financial condition.  I then helped her to understand that she had the power to transform her life.  A little disbelieving, at first, she was wise enough to know that she must do something so that she and her children’s lives would be happier and she would have plenty of money to pay bills, for food, rent, and clothes.  She was ready to do whatever was needed to cause a change for the better.

I instructed her to pay attention to her thoughts, listen to her words and to use prosperity affirmations such as: “Through the power of my thoughts and words, positive changes are happening in me and in my life now.”  And also to decree:  “I am wise, loving and happy, and God is providing richly and abundantly for me and my children now”

The next day she called to say she had received some money quite unexpectedly, and a few days later, she reported she had found a job that was the answer to her prayers for prosperity.  Continuing to make prosperity declarations, she later reported that the company liked her so much they had given her a new position with a substantial raise in pay.

Words can make your life miserable or marvelous, it is up to you.  Just as what you think makes you what you are, words mold and shape your life because words are the expressions of thought, ideas held in mind.  Negative words result in negative, unhappy experiences – positive words result in positive, happy, prospering experiences.  It does pay to watch your words!

Prosperity Affirmation:  Through the power of my thoughts and words, positive changes are taking place in me and in my life.  I am wise, loving and happy, and I am richly prospered now!

Action:  Every day for the next week, pay attention to your thoughts and listen carefully to the words you speak.  Make sure they are loving, uplifting, positive and prospering.

Copyright, John W. Adams.  All rights reserved.

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