The Prospering Power of Thanksgiving

by Rev. John W. Adams

Prosperity is closely tied to thanksgiving, praise and gratitude. It is through the truly grateful heart that God’s infinite riches flow. There is no doubt about it, thanksgiving opens the way for ever-increasing prosperity in your life.

The Gratitude Attitude clears the way for the greater prosperity you desire. If it has seemed to be blocked somehow, check up on how grateful you have been and what your attitude toward life is. If you have been critical and complaining about other people or events in your life, release those lack-producing thoughts and feelings replacing them with gratitude and appreciation. Try praising instead of grumbling and you will be amazed at how much better you feel and how much easier and prosperous your life is.

One of the best ways to increase your prosperity is to truly be thankful for all the blessings you have received in the past, have now, and for those you expect to receive.

It may seem a little strange to give thanks for what you expect to receive, but believe me, it works wonders to speed it on its way to you. Instead of complaining that God may seem to take too long, or that you may not be worthy, accept that you are worthy and gratefully claim your richer good as yours now. Image it clearly in your imagination and confidently, thankfully act as though you really believe it. Especially be genuinely thankful in prayer. The more thankfulness you add to your prayers, the quicker and more easily they are answered.

Another good prosperity practice is to give thanks for challenges. If you have difficulties, do not blame God for them. God did not give them to you. They came because of something in your consciousness. Bless them until they clear out of your thoughts, and your life. If there are people, things, or situations you need to forgive, do so now. Continue doing so until you have cleared out all anger and resentment from your consciousnesspermanently. God, in you, is your forgiving power. Forgiveness frees you to prosper! Give thanks for this.

It is wise to take a few moments, daily, to quietly give thanks for, and bless, everyone and everything around you, for which you are grateful. Be grateful for everything! This practice is powerful to quicken spiritual substance so that it flows more freely into your life, through your uplifted consciousness. When you are truly grateful for what you have, then you are ready for more.

Take your purse, wallet, or checkbook in your hands and lovingly bless them and the good they represent. No matter how much or how little seems to be there, give thanks for God’s lavish rich supply that is now pouring into your life in the form of financial plenty.

A good daily practice is to bless your wonderful mind and your ability to think clearly and wisely; for being able to make wise decisions quickly and easily. Give thanks that God has given you an infinite capacity to think yourself into lavish, overflowing prosperity and rich abundance.

With the same thought-power, bless your body. Give thanks for the Life of God present in every cell; that makes you alive and healthy. If you have a healing need, thankfully claim and accept that healing is taking place now.

Give thanks for your growing ability to express love and harmony in all your human relationships; that you are a peacemaker; that you are always guided to say the right thing that which is loving, kind, uplifting and prospering. And give thanks for your growing ability to give genuine praise and appreciation more easily and frequently.

Of course, one of the best ways to express thanksgiving and heartfelt gratitude is through tithing; the giving of ten percent of your whole income back to God. This is one of the most powerful prosperity practices and always prospers those who voluntarily, faithfully, and lovingly give their tenth to God in gratitude for His abundant supply. It works!

Yes, thanksgiving and gratitude is your prospering power. Give thanks for everything and everybody. Keep your heart filled with gratitude and it will always be connected with God. Then your prosperity grows and grows in magnificent ways.