The Prospering Power of Ten

Rev. John W. Adams

Those who are truly prosperous know the value of “ten” in relation to their prosperity. They know that “ten is the magic number of increase” used so successfully by the prosperous people of ancient times as well as those of modern times. Those who are prosperous in the truest sense, accept without question, the value of voluntarily tithing a tenth of their whole income to God’s work where they are learning the prospering Truth.

Does tithing really work?

Yes. It has always worked for those who practice it faithfully in the right attitude love and gratitude. To be most effective, tithing should be practiced voluntarily through understanding of this highest law of giving and receiving. While it may be helpful for a person when he or she is required by their church to tithe, too often it places a load upon them that they are not ready to carry. They feel that they are being taxed, instead of being taught the law of giving and receiving, and being allowed to give by their own choice. This could hardly be called tithing and is not in compliance with the principle of this practice.

Sometimes when a person is forced to give at least ten percent of his income to his church, especially without being spiritually fed by that church, he may leave with a “bad taste in his mouth” for the church, and the tithing practice. When he does, he often experiences hardships. It is never because the tithing law if faulty but because of the person’s resentful attitude and misunderstanding. The tithing law always works when applied voluntarily and consistently in faith, love, and gratitude.

When a church makes a person tithe, it is too often imposing a king of tax rather than helping the person to place his faith in a very old and dynamic prosperity law. When you know the truth about tithing, you eventually become free from all financial lack. Often, it happens rather quickly!

Every phase of your life becomes better, more harmonious and filled with right conditions and experiences. This is because you are invoking, through tithing, one of the oldest prosperity laws, that of gratitude.

Gratitude not only opens prosperity doors, and keep them open, but allows them to open wider for he who invokes this dynamic prosperity law.

When a person tithes, does it always bring immediate financial increase?

Usually it does. Tithers always discover that they do prosper when they invoke this prosperity law. One thing you may be certain of, when you begin tithing, you know you will prosper more. Even if it takes longer than you might expect, the “gold dust” is gathering for you.

Usually, the secret is in being patient and persistent. Catherine Ponder wrote: The longer your good is in coming, the bigger it will be! There is no loss in the universe and you are a vital part of all that is.

Those who continue to tithe consistently in the right attitude always reap prosperous results, as one woman recently wrote,“My income has definitely increased substantially since I began tithing, but what is more important, I am happier and healthier, and my whole life is better. I am more at peace and some old problems have dissolved. I feel more spiritually in tune and alive, and my expectancy of good has quickened. Family relationships have improved, too. Thank you for helping me learn this dynamic prosperity law. I shall always be a grateful tither.”

Even when things seem slow in coming or there are some financial challenges, these are never a problem to the tither because he has the inner assurance that regardless of appearances, all is well and that he need only be patient and trust. He knows the process is working. He knows God never fails.

The faithful, voluntary tither knows he has a divine connection with God, the Source, and that he is always divinely protected. Even if some doors seem to be closed, or there may be challenges, things always work out and he will be better off than before! More often, the “windows of heaven” open for him and his prosperity begins to grow and expand in marvelous ways. Everyday he becomes more thankful for having established such a divine connection with the wealth of God within. But do not take my word for it or anyone else’s, prove it for yourself and you will see and you will realize you have the great prospering power of Ten!

Tithing doubles income! A letter received from Maryland.“God has blessed me greatly since I began tithing. My income has doubled over the previous year; I have less bills, and a multitude of rich blessings. Best of all, my mental attitude is more positive. Life is great! Thank you for encouraging me to tithe.”

Through tithing, you make an investment with God’s unlimited bounty as security. Tithing is a sort of new financial birth and a law of financial liberty.

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“Some give freely, yet grow all the richer; others withhold what is due, and only suffer want. A generous person will be enriched, and one who gives water will get water.” Proverbs 11:24-25

The Magic of Tithing by Emmet Fox

The practice of tithing has been a lifelong habit with many people. So much has it become a regular part of the scheme of things for them that they naturally think of their own money as amounting to ninety-percent of whatever their net income happens to be. Automatically they set aside 10% that belongs to God, nor do they ever dram of breaking into it. This they do intelligently on principle, and for the sole reason that they have perceived it to be the right and proper course.

The unfailing result of this is that such people are always free from financial difficulties. Though they may have other problems, they are never in want, or lacking material prosperity. They fulfill the law, and so they inevitably demonstrate the prosperous results.