The Pathway to Prosperity

James Allen, Guest Author

The cause of all power, as of all weakness, is within; the secret of all happiness as of all misery is likewise within. There is no progress apart from unfoldment within, and no sure foothold of prosperity or peace by orderly advancement in knowledge.

Listen, and let my words burn themselves into your heart, for that which I say to you is truth You may bring about that improved condition in life which you desire, if you will unswervingly resolve to improve your inner life.

If you perseveringly discipline your mind, eradicating your weaknesses, and allowing your soul-forces and spiritual powers to unfold themselves, you will be astonished at the magical changes which will be brought about in your outward life. As you proceed, golden opportunities will be strewn across your path, and the power and judgment to properly utilize them will spring up within you.

Genial friends will come unbidden to you; sympathetic souls will be drawn to you as the needle is to a magnet; and books and all outward aids that you require will come to you unsought.