The No-Needs State

Usually, people think of wealth in terms of money. However, there is often disagreement over how much money one must have to be considered wealthy. Jim Rosemergy tells of a man who came to him for help. The man thought he was wiped out because he had only $20,000 in the bank. At the time, Jim and his family had about $300 in the bank and felt secure while the man felt devastated. It is obvious that the man had his focus in the wrong direction. He mistakenly believed that his wealth was in money rather than in a consciousness of God.

Key Ideas

  1. Only the rich enter the kingdom of God. This means those who have a rich consciousness of the presence of God. Because of this, they are wealthy within and from this they are always secure and bountifully supplied.
  2. When you know God, asking ceases. You do not have to ask for anything because you know you have everything: God!
  3. When you are consciously one with God, you cannot want. Again, when you have everything, there is nothing for which to ask. You are lacking in nothing. What more could you want when you already have everything: God?
  4. The no-need state manifests itself as your life experience. Through it, your earthly needs are met. As within, so without. If you have a consciousness of lack, you may have lots of “needs.” But when you have a consciousness of the presence of God, there are no needs. What is in your consciousness, needs or God – lack or plenty?
  5. Thanksgiving prepares you for the kingdom of heaven. The no-need state with its gifts of contentment and fulfillment is your natural state. It is yours by the grace of God. Thanksgiving is the attitude of gratefully and graciously acknowledging and living in God’s infinite supply. Thus you live consciously in the kingdom of heaven where all is provided for you and you know it.
  6. Spiritual forces act through exalted thoughts. Thanksgiving and praise are examples of exalted thought. While complaining and discouragement block your supply, praise and thanksgiving open all the avenues through which God’s abundance may flow. This is because thanksgiving and praise are uplifted or exalted thoughts.

Too often, when human beings who are mired in lack look at the no-need state, they see a desert. This cannot provide for their needs. When you look with enlightened eyes, you see the bounty of God. In the appearance of lack, in reality, there is always unlimited abundance. When your consciousness is filled with the abundance of God, you are truly thankful and your supply is abundant, too.

Receives Unexpected Check! – I retired from my job two years ago to go full time into spiritual work. Today I received a totally unexpected check from my former employer. It was for several thousand dollars. They had revamped an old pension plan I was involved in and they sent to me what they had vested in me. I was pleased and surprised as I thought I’d used up all the benefits a long time ago. It came at just the right time, too! The Prayer-Treatment in your book, How To Have ‘Unexpected’ Income, really works! I am enclosing my grateful tithe in support of your wonderful ministry. Thank you for all you do. – P. V. – Washington

Prosperity Prayer: My consciousness of God prospers me richly and abundantly in every wonderful way. Thank You, God. I am grateful!