The Magic of Tithing!

By Rev. John W. Adams

Letters from those who have experienced the Magic of Tithing.

These are people have learned to tithe, and made a commitment to faithfully do so on a regular basis, and are reaping the prosperous rewards for doing so. These are shared with you here so you, too, may discover the Magic of Tithing! Also included for your added benefit, are quotations from various writers who know the value of tithing.

More letters will be added, so check back often and read how others are prospering because they are applying the basic law of prosperity: Giving and Receiving, Sowing and Reaping. If you have a tithing story to share, please send it to me. Your privacy will be protected. No names are ever given out. Rev. John


•    •    •
A letter from a friend in Ohio

Income improves tenfold! – I do not talk about my tithing but this story is worthy of telling people. So, I’ll start at the beginning.

In 1995 I was fired from a very, very good job. While I was fortunate to quickly find another job, the salary was significantly less than what I was making in my former role, and I also lost the use of a company car. It was during this most unlikely time, that I started to tithe 10% of my gross income. It seemed like a crazy time to take that leap of faith, but I decided that there probably was never going to be the “perfect” time to make that commitment.

Every paycheck I got, I diligently wrote out my tithe checks and put them in the mail. Amazingly, even though I was making just about half of what I used to earn, there was always money left over after I paid the bills. Now having faith that my abundance came from God, I actually started tithing to the amount I wanted to earn in the future. Three years in a row, my raises matched 10x my tithes for the previous year. Within 6 years, I was making 7x what I used to earn at the job I was fired from.

Eleven years later, I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to making sure I tithe 10% of my gross income. My current tithe on a bi-weekly basis is $600. Over the holiday season, I was tithing in advance of my paychecks and as the end of the year approached, I was busy matching up my Quicken reports labeled “tithing” to my gross salary just to make sure that I made good on my commitment to God for the 2006 calendar year.

On Friday, December 29th, I reviewed my checking account online to make sure my paycheck had been deposited. It had, but I also had a separate line item deposit from my company which said “Cash Transaction” for $6,000. As I sat staring at my computer screen, a huge smile crossed my face as I said “thank you, God, because, as promised, you returned to me 10x my original tithe of $600.” I quickly wrote out $600 in tithe checks (one of which I mailed to your ministry) and then waited to see how this abundance had manifested into reality.

In today’s mail, I received a letter from my company’s payroll department, informing me that they had apparently shorted me $6,000 on a bonus check paid a few months back and that as a result of the audit, they had deposited the $6,000 in my checking account. They apologized for their mistake.

Try as I may, I cannot find any mistakes in any of my prior bonus payments, especially one totaling $6,000. It is indeed grand when you have faith that the abundance of God flows in and through you to bring abundance and prosperity into your life. It is never easy to take that HUGE step of faith to start tithing, but once you do, no matter what the circumstances, you will never forget to pay God first because your abundance will be overflowing making it easy to remember to write the checks. – Love, WK


•    •    •

“The Truth about tithing is that those who set aside ten percent of their net incomes to the service of God not with the primary motive of getting, but simply because they feel that it is right to do it do find that their prosperity increases by leaps and bounds until all fear of poverty disappears.” – Emmet Fox

•    •    •
From Arizona

Blessing abound! – Last month, for the first time, I had the courage to tithe. Several things happened. 1. A lot of fear over supply went away. 2. I discovered that I didn’t really trust God financially. 3. I experienced a healing of a lot of childhood traumas and memories of “no body to take care of me.” 4. My daughter received a financial aid school grant of $960.00 which had previously been turned down. 5. My electric bill was about $50.00 less than expected, and a mechanic worked on my car without charge.

This all added to a sense of security and the releasing of a “victim” state of consciousness that I have struggled with for so long. Thank you for teaching me to tithe. God bless you! – G. M.

From Maryland

Income doubles! – God has blessed me greatly since I began tithing. I have doubled my income over the past year, have less bills and a multitude of other blessings. Best of all, my mental attitude has been affected in a very positive manner. – P. W.

From Hawaii

Discovers answer to financial problems! – I want to tell everyone with financial problems to tithe! When my husband and I first learned to tithe! When my husband and I first learned of the prospering power of tithing, we didn’t have enough to eat, and bills had piled up. In the face of this financial strain, we started tithing 10 percent of every dollar we received. Then, fabulous things started to happen. My husband went into partnership with two other realtors.

A piece of property that we owned, and had tried to sell for a long time, quickly sold. We stand to make $75,000* this year. We are now packing to leave for a vacation in Canada. What a drastic change has come in our life style since we began to put God first financially. We are now convinced that tithing is the answer to all of life’s problems. – H. B. *(1979 dollars)

•    •    •

“Tithing is not to prove God’s ownership, nor to please God, but that we may be fed. It is social security! Tithing is not based on the fear of an angry God but on the perception that we are spiritual beings and as such we must have Spiritual nourishment.” – Emma Smiley Bread of Life


•    •    •
From Illinois

Prosperity channels open! – About a week after beginning to use the prosperity prayer* you sent to me, my husband and I were given a vacation in California where we stayed for three weeks and had a delightful time. We were both unemployed and I hadn’t tithed in about two months when I started to tithe again. I sent my tithe and continued to affirm that God is our source and our prosperity, and that He would provide His own amazing channels for our prosperity.

The day I sent the tithe, my husband heard about a good-paying job and two days later he got it. He started right after we returned from our vacation. Also, I am going on an interview and will soon be starting back to work. Thanks for your help, especially for praying with us. Our grateful tithe is enclosed. – E. M.

* Prosperity Prayer: Divine Love expressing through me now draws to me all that is needed to make me happy and my life complete.

From Florida

Realizes more prosperity! – Here is my tithe for this month. This is a tenth of what I made on a recent business transaction, and in keeping with the prosperity principles you teach, I wanted to give to God first through your great ministry. Tithing has proven to be very beneficial to me, financially, and in every area of my life. As you can see, this is my largest tithe so far, and I am sure my tithes will get larger because I am expecting my income to continue growing.

Thank you for prayers and for the prospering ideas you share with me, personally, and through your websites and e-mails. One of the prosperity prayers I have been declaring every day is: “As I give to God, God gives to me. The more I give, the more I receive. My giving makes me rich!” I am grateful for all you do for me and for everyone. – W. F.

From California

Substantial increase in income! – I am very happy to send my tithe in support of your ministry. It represents ten percent of my earnings for the past month so you can see that my income has increased substantially. It gives me a very happy feeling to give and to know that I do not have to worry about having enough. I have, in just one month, received many wonderful gifts. I also received two lovely new dresses from my daughter. Now I realize my only limits concerning money have been self-imposed. That is all changing. Thanks for encouraging me to tithe. – P. D.


•    •    •

“A large blessing that follows the practice of tithing is the continual letting go of what one receives, which keeps his mind open to the good and free from covetousness. Making an occasional large gift and then permitting a lapse of time before another is made will not give this lasting benefit, for his mind channel may in the meantime become clogged with material thoughts of fear, lack, or selfishness. When a person tithes he is giving continuously, so that no spirit of grasping, no fear, and no thought of limitation gets a hold of him.” – Charles Fillmore Prosperity


•    •    •
From Michigan

Pays off all her bills! – I have been faithfully tithing for several months now, and I am seeing quite a change of attitude in my home. I have been able to pay off all my bills because of a big increase in money. And, there is money left over! The people I work with are more positive and I am enjoying my work more. It has made a difference since I started tithing and instead of saying, I am poor, I am declaring, “God is my source and there are not limitations in me or in my life.” My life has certainly improved since I began tithing, and I am most grateful. If people who are hurting, financially, would only learn to tithe, I am sure they would experience more prosperity in every area of their lives, as I have. Thank you. – R. K.


•    •    •

“When people first hear of this prosperity law of tithing, they are inclined to say, “I would love to tithe but I cannot afford it. My income just is not big enough to include tithing now maybe when I am more prosperous.” When you think you cannot afford to tithe is the very time when you cannot afford not to tithe.” – Catherine Ponder


•    •    •
More letters will be added, so check back often! What is your tithing experience? Kindly write and tell me about it. – Rev. John