The Gold Mine within You

Lesson 27


Prosperity Made E-Z By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Twenty-seven – The Gold Mine within You

Prosperity Principle: The good you seek is already within you. 

Many years ago when Arizona was still a territory, there was a fellow who discovered gold quite by accident.

As the story goes, he was hired by a rancher to dig fence post holes and while working, he allowed his horse to graze freely.  Periodically he would find his horse and ride it up to where he had left off digging.  Then he would let the horse loose to graze where it wanted to.

One time, the horse strayed further than usual and went off the land owned by this fellow’s employer.  When he went to retrieve his horse, he saw something rather shiny on the ground.  At first he thought it might just be quartz or fool’s gold, but digging around, he found several small nuggets of what he believed to be gold.  He could hardly believe his eyes!

Taking some samples with him he got a couple of days off and went into town, saying nothing to anyone of what he had found.  At the assayer’s office it was confirmed that he had truly discovered gold!

Quietly, he took several more days off and hired a fellow to help him develop the new claim he had made in the land which he determined belonged to no one.  It proved to be quite a valuable discovery.  Soon another fellow came along and bought the claim from him for $10,000 which was quite a sum of money in those days.

This story is an example of how easy it is for you to “strike it rich.”  There is a “gold mine in them thar hills”, is true.  Now, you may not discover an actual gold mine in the mountains, but you can discover, or rather, uncover some rich, prospering ideas that have gone unnoticed within yourself.  Often, a rich treasure lies within reach while you go right on by.

Even though the fellow who discovered gold was doing something else – digging post holes – but not for gold, he must have had his mind attuned to the idea of riches and was receptive to ways of improving his life and enjoying greater prosperity.  Otherwise he would have not seen the gold even though it was right there before his eyes.

You may be busy with every day work and other activities, but while you are, keep your mind open and receptive to discovering prospering ideas that lie within your reach – always within you.

There is a “gold mine” within you, just waiting, as-it-were, to be mined by you.  Because you are seeking ways in which to experience more prosperity, go where the prosperity is – within yourself.  Ask for prospering ideas and then listen for them to be given to you.  If they are not revealed immediately, keep asking and being receptive.  They will come although most likely when you least expect them – often when you are busy with something else – they may wake you out of a sound sleep or they may come when you are just relaxing.

A shopkeeper, who was experiencing a drop in sales, wondered what he could do to get things turned around.  Being a student of metaphysics, he knew to go within himself for new ideas.  That was the way he had gotten started in his business in the beginning.  So, seeking within, he asked for ideas for attracting new customers to his store and bringing the old ones back.  It was not long before he was given an idea that, when put to work – it did!  Soon his business was prospering again.

The idea was simply to re-arrange his store and make it easier for customers to shop and to buy.  Another thing he discovered was that he had neglected to keep up with his tithes.  Quickly correcting that, he vowed to never again allow himself to get behind with his tithes.  Soon, his shop was filled with customers and his prosperity continued to increase daily.

There is a “gold mine” of rich, prospering ideas just waiting for your discovery.  Go ahead and dig – search within – ask Infinite Intelligence to reveal to you what you should be doing and to give you the prospering ideas you need.

If you’ve been searching outside yourself for a way or ways to prosper, seek within first and you will be guided and given rich ideas.  Like the slogan of a well-known department store:  “It’s all inside.”

Bring ideas in and entertain them royally, for one of them may be the king! – Mark Van Doren  

When money is circulating freely in your life, you are economically healthy, in the same manner as when your blood is circulating freely, you are free from congestion.  Begin now to see money in its true significance and role in life as a symbol of exchange.  Money to you should mean freedom from within; it should mean beauty, luxury, abundance, a sense of security and refinement. – Dr. Joseph Murphy

Prosperity affirmation:  There is a gold mine within me.  Seeking within, rich ideas are now revealed to my mind and I put them to work.  

Action:  For the next seven days, get comfortable where you won’t be disturbed.  Close your eyes and be very still for a few moments.  Quietly ask Divine Intelligence for rich ideas to be revealed to you.  Listen

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