Ten Reminders About Tithing

By Rev. John W. Adams

  1. Tithe means tenth. It is one-tenth of your whole income before deductions, and given regularly.
  2. The tithe is given to God through the channel or channels you receive your spiritual food. In other words, fed spiritually, i.e. church, minister, spiritual counselor, or other spiritual person or organization.
  3. The tithe is given voluntarily. Some religions require their members to tithe to them. It is spiritually incorrect to demand tithes from anyone for any reason.
  4. When you tithe, you may expect to be divine protected and provided for.
  5. You tithe to prove God’s adequacy.
  6. It is incorrect to tithe to a church where you no longer attend.
  7. Tithing makes the divine connection between you, God, and your Prosperity.
  8. The tithe is not to be used to pay bills, expenses, for food, or to help relatives or other people.
  9. The tithe is God’s money and it is incorrect to use it for anything but to further His work on Mother Earth.
  10. Tithing is putting God first in your finances. With tithers, there is never a recession. Tithing puts a spiritual foundation under your finances and business transactions; give you peace of mind, and the assurance that you are always provided for. It works!

You do not have to tithe. You may starve if you wish. Emma Smiley


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