Supply is Always at Hand

If you do not know what or who it is you need to forgive, when your good seems withheld from you, ask God to reveal to you what or whom you need to forgive. You may be surprised to find where the block is! – Catherine Ponder, The Prospering Power of Love” – Catherine Ponder

The spiritual realm is mysterious and unknown to most of humankind. We sense its power, but only a few God-centered individuals have tapped the kingdom and allowed its power to give rise to miracles and wonders. These saintly ones encourage us to do likewise, but their demands of humility, stillness, and nonresistance seem impractical in today’s world. Yet the power of the Presence has been made manifest.

It is understandable that you may be preoccupied with the manifestation of greater supply, but then you are focusing your attention in the wrong direction. Too often people tend to make a god of manifestation. This is serving mammon. In other words, it is trying to live life from outside in instead of living life from inside out. As stated in previous E-Zines, it is essential for you to put God first and then everything proceeds out of your consciousness of God.

The Truth is, you cannot serve God and mammon. Actually, it is not necessary for you to serve mammon at all. When you focus on God as the one reality and the source of your supply, and put your full faith in God to provide for you then mammon, or the manifestation of greater prosperity becomes automatic.

A sense of well-being and security.

When you fill your consciousness with the Presence, the first thing you feel is a sense of well-being and security. Although nothing may have happened in the exterior world, your inner world is changing. When this happens, it is imperative that you keep your focus on God and not derail it by giving attention to what is being manifested.

God never gave poverty to one man and riches to another, neither has He ever brought sickness to you and health to your neighbor; Life, health and abundance are omnipresent. The only law of nature is the Law of Supply. Poverty is unnatural; it is distinctly a man-made condition, brought about by the limits man places upon himself. God’s gifts are equally available to everyone. Health, Happiness, and Prosperity are not limited either to time, place or individual; they are a matter of consciousness and are attracted to those who understand and believe in their own inherent powers to achieve. – Venice J. Bloodworth

Moves into New Home! Thank you for your letter and words of encouragement. I have moved into a lovely, clean and orderly place of my own. It is surrounded by the harmony and peace of a palm grove and filled with bird song. I had prayed and prayed but every door seemed closed. After I released the problem to God, an idea came to me. That idea is now my new home. It always helps to put God first, and then everything works out. I am so grateful for my wonderful prosperity blessing. God bless you and thank you! – P.C. Arizona