Rev. John’s Seven-Day Keys for Prosperity

Rev. John W. Adams

Declare one affirmation daily, throughout the day.

DAY 1 – The Spirit substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted. It draws to me now, all that I need to make life complete.

DAY 2 – I attract the highest and the best, because I deserve the highest and the best.

DAY 3 – Infinite Wisdom guides me, Divine Love prospers me, I am successful in everything I undertake.

Day 4 – Divine Love bountifully supplies and increases substance to meet my every need

DAY 5 – I am rich in mind and in manifestation. God has a perfect plan for me and my good comes to me in perfect timing.

DAY 6 – Richness of blessings, healing, divine ideas and upliftment are all mine.

DAY 7 – The law of Divine Circulation enables me to give freely and receive freely.

As you speak the above prosperity affirmations, refrain from all negative, lack thinking and speaking. Keep focused on the prospering Truth. Give more time to quiet meditation in which you practice the presence of God as your always-providing source. Your abundance will increase accordingly.

•    •    •
“Wise is the man who in the face of apparent failure can say within himself, “God works in me to will and to do whatever He wishes me to do, and He cannot fail.” Such a man is in stride with the upward progressive movement of life. The Mark of Success is upon Him!” – From an old issue of Progress Magazine