Putting God First Part 1 of 2

Several years ago a businessman pointed out to me the success power of love. At the time, I was writing a series of prosperity articles. Hearing of my project, this stockbroker asked, “What do you have in your series about love?” Startled, I replied: “About love” this series is on prosperity,” “I know,” he said. “But it won’t be complete without an article on the prosperity law of love and good will. Love is the greatest success power there is.” – Catherine Ponder

Let’s assume you have the possibility of receiving a large amount of money. You are told that you much complete a list of the first five things you would do with the gift and that your list will determine if you receive the funds. You have forty days to determine what you will do. (Hint: The first thing you must do with the money is the same whether the gift is one dollar or one million dollars).

It is possible you will see the first thing you must do with your gift on a car bumper sticker – “If you love Jesus, tithe; anyone can honk.” Tithing makes prosperity’s demonstration a way of life; however, humanity has a narrow view of tithing. Most people believe it is giving 10% of their income to a church or spiritually based institution.

In the Old Testament, there are numerous references to tithing. We will example some of them. However, when tithing came into being there was no church. In fact the financial system was based on barter, not money.

The confusion about tithing increase when you discover that Jesus did not talk about it. There are several references to tithing in The Gospels, and both times Jesus is speaking to the religious leaders who tithe, but who have forgotten the heart of this spiritual practice.

Jesus did teach tithing, of course. In fact, it was the heart of him ministry, but he did not teach tithing as it is generally taught today giving 10% of your income to the church.

From the mystical standpoint, tithing is a consciousness of God first. This means to put God first in everything beginning with your thought. Too often people do not give the highest priority to God and then wonder why God seems to neglect them.

If you would have true abundance in consciousness and in life, it is essential to put God first. Why is that so? Because God is Love. That is why Love is the greatest success power there is. With love, Rev. John (Adapted from Jim Rosemergy’s book, Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay.)

Closes biggest sale! Thank you for your prayers. I am happy to report that I have just closed the biggest real estate sale of my career. Everything went so well, I was amazed. I am so glad I asked your ministry to pray with me. This means I’ll be getting a nice large commission check and as soon as I do, I will send my tithe. Here is some *Seed Money. Kindly keep praying with me. It’s working! – R. M. – California

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Prayers bring work! Thank you for your prayers to help me secure work opportunities. I received several calls and have enough work to last for several months. Enclosed is my tithe in support of your wonderful ministry. – G. N. – Vermont

When you are faced with a financial problem, the common tendency is to get out your checkbook and your calculator and feverishly begin to add numbers. It is impossible to solve financial problems with money. Your imagination has the solution to all of your financial problems and if you want it to give you creative solutions, then you must ask it creative questions. – Phil Laut – Money is My Friend