Prosperity’s Demonstration Part 3 of 3

If you do not know what or who it is you need to forgive, when your good seems withheld from you ask God to reveal to you what or whom you need to forgive. You may be surprised where the block is! – Catherine Ponder, The Prospering Power of Love

Spiritual understanding calls you to put aside your need to determine how to receive what you consider to be the blessings of life. Rather, it asks you to begin to investigate how to give because giving is prosperity’s demonstration.

Key Ideas

Rites of passage of giving:

  1. You do not give. This is a no step. Fear of appearances, fear of tomorrow, and lack of understanding of the way the universe works tend to close your hands and cause you to cling tightly to what you have. You tend to be in the grip of fear and insecurity.
  2. You give out of a sense of guilt. Fear reins in the lives of those who give out of a sense of guilt. However, another factor is at work. The real issue is values. You should never allow guilt to rule your giving.
  3. You give out of a sense of duty. This is when you give because you believe you should. Your joy is true when you do not give because you should but so that you may come alive. This giving is from the heart and always accompanied by joy.
  4. You give in order to receive. This is often based on the misconception that money is power or a way to wield control. You give to get a “payoff.” If so, you must feel a certain sense of powerlessness to think and behave in this way. Giving is not prosperity’s first demonstration. It is the only demonstration. Giving allows you to become aware of the Presence.
  5. You give because it is your nature. This is the real breakthrough that comes through spiritual understanding. There is nothing more natural than to give for the shear joy of sharing. To give is to be alive, to express what you truly are. To take, withhold, hoard, or giving to get causes you to feel less than alive and less than who you really are. When people give you an opportunity to give, they are giving you a blessing. It is an opportunity to express your real nature. Take advantage of it!

If these prosperity ideas seem different to you, the best thing for you to do is to give them sufficient thought and trial. If you would have more, give more. Thus you open the coffers of heaven and the riches of the kingdom pour out for you. Then you have more and more to give. But giving always comes first. It is Love’s way of doing business and always works. – With Love, Rev. John (Adapted from: Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay)

Labor of love brings $$$! I have been spending quite a lot of time with my brother and sister who have been ill. I did not want any money for this labor of love but my brother insisted that I accept $200 for gas money.. I live about a hundred miles from them and have stayed several days at a time. Thanks for your prayers. – A. G. – California

Prayers bring work! Thank you for your prayers to help me secure work opportunities. I received several calls and have enough work to last for several months. Enclosed is my tithe in support of your wonderful ministry. – G. N. – Vermont

When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters – one represents danger and the other represents opportunity. – John F. Kennedy