Prosperity’s Demonstration Part 2 of 3

Key Ideas

  1. Giving allows you to become aware of your spiritual nature and your values. Giving depends upon your understanding of your spiritual nature. Jim Rosemergy tells of a circuit-riding preacher who spoke on evening at a small rural church. His ten-year-old son accompanied him. Just inside the door of the church was box where people would place their offerings. As the preacher entered, he placed a $10 bill in the box.

    After the service, he was told that his honorarium was the money in the box. As he and his son left the church, he took the money – $10 – from the box. As they walked to their car the young boy said, “I guess if you’d put more in you would have gotten more out.” Is this an example of spiritual understanding? Sure enough!

  2. When you give you gain an expanded awareness of the way God’s universe works and a consciousness that provides for every need. Some people mistakenly believe that giving is loss, that by giving they have less. Giving in the right spirit ALWAYS brings more than what is given.

Spiritual understanding calls for you to put aside your need to determine how to receive what you consider to be the blessings of life. Rather, it asks you to begin to investigate how to give, because giving is prosperity’s demonstration. When you reach a certain level of spiritual understanding, you realize that most people have prosperity backwards and you may have done the same. Since prosperity is giving, when you understand this, you give your attention to giving rather than receiving and in return you always receive more. It’s the way the universe works.

This understanding has made more true wealthy people than trying to “take” from others what they think belongs to them. Give what you want to receive and keep on giving it. You will always have plenty and your life will be richer than you might have imagined possible. – With Love, Rev. John (Adapted from: Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay)

Prayer and books brings rich results! As a result of your prayer support, books and inspiring articles on your website, I have come out of a terrible dark period in my life into enlightenment about the true nature of God. I have a much better understand of prayer, too. I am prospered greatly, I am happy and my life is wonderful! God bless all who participate in your great ministry. May everyone prosper richly and abundantly. My tithe in support of your ministry is enclosed. Thank you! – R. L. – Pennsylvania

Prosperity Prayer: Rich giving is my golden key to prosperity. I am richly and abundantly prospered in every wonderful way now!