Prosperity’s Demonstration Part 1 of 3

There is the legend of a vagabond who begged for bread at a rich man’s home. The wanderer was given food and a small, wooden chest. The rich man told the beggar that it would provide for his needs for the rest of his life, for it contained the riches of the universe.

Although he possessed the chest, the beggar was unable to open it. One day, hungry and disgusted with his life, the man determined that he would no longer look to others for his livelihood. With this thought, the box opened and within it was bread, water, and one gold coin. Each day thereafter the man looked to the box to provide for him, and he was supplied for seven days. On the eighth day, the box would not open.

Over the course of time, the man learned to look to God as his source, and the box opened and supplied his needs for seven years, but then it would not open again. Although the man was curious about the remaining treasures in the box, he was not concerned, for he had discovered his source.

Early one evening, he noticed a family before the charred ruins of their house. The wanderer, now a man rich in Spirit, desired to help them, and with this thought the box opened. Inside was a note with this inscription: Give the family the box. Tell them that with its contents they can rebuild not only their house, but their lives.

Key Ideas

  1. Prosperity’s demonstration is giving. We mistakenly believe that prosperity is demonstrated when we receive – when money comes to us or we get a new job. This is untrue. Prosperity is demonstrated in giving. When you come to this understanding, everything changes: Your perspective, faith, and your level of abundance which goes UP.
  2. Giving does not depend upon what you have. Giving depends upon your understanding of your spiritual nature and your values. In Truth, when you give, the one who receives is blessed, but you receive the greatest blessing. The one who receives has something tangible to point to – the gift. You gain an expanded awareness of the way God’s universe works and a consciousness that provides for your every need.Adapted from: Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay by Jim Rosemergy

Thus your level of inner abundance goes up (your awareness of God) which results in greater supply in an outer way. You are wise when you understand and accept this for it a vital key to living live prosperously. First within, then without! – With Love, Rev. John

Prayers Bring Rich Blessings! Thank you for praying with me. I am doing just wonderful! I have finally learned to relax, let go, and know that God is taking care of me because He is my source and is always within me. Because of your prayers and my new consciousness of God, my financial situation has not only stabilized, but I have more money than ever before. New opportunities to be of service to others are coming to me from all directions. I am richly blessed in giving to others and they are most happy to pay me generously for my services. It is amazing what happens when one changes his thinking and depends entirely upon God, the source, to provide for him. – F. W. – California

Prosperity Prayer: My rich giving now opens the way for rich receiving. I am abundantly prospered within and without now!