Abundance Building Course

Golden Key Ministry-Unity Abundance Building Course: In keeping with our dedication to provide the best and most prospering spiritual food for you, and everyone, Golden Key Ministry-Unity has prepared an outstanding and affordable opportunity for you to learn to live more abundantly now.

GKM ABC is a specially designed Abundance Building study program to empower you to truly prosper in the way that you desire.

GKM ABC is primarily based on the book, Wells of Abundance by E.V. Ingraham. But it includes other Abundance Building material It features The Seven Planes of Supply, plus the Law of Increase.

ABC is an 8-lesson course in which you make a thoughtful study of the spiritual Laws and Principles governing Abundance.

When you enroll, you will receive a new lesson every 14 days until you have completed the entire course of 8 lessons. This will give you time to contemplate and absorb what you are learning, and will add significantly to the building of your abundance consciousness. Open your mind to change. Your willingness to change your thinking, discard old beliefs and accept new, proven ideas, will lead to desirable changes in your manifest financial abundance. Your dedication to the study of ABC will prove to be a wise and prospering action.

GKM ABC includes:

Lesson One – Purpose:  To establish in you the validity and value of the Law of Increase.

Lesson Two – Purpose: To create within you a greater ability to Receive.

Lesson Three – The Second Plane of Supply — The Law of Force or Positive Assertion (Faith)

Lesson Four – The Third Plane of Supply – The Law of Work or Action

Lesson Five – The Fourth Plane of Supply – The Law of Attraction

Lesson Six – The Fifth Plane of Supply – Supply as an Inheritance

Lesson Seven – The Sixth Plane of Supply – Supply and the Creative Process

Lesson Eight – The Seventh Plane of Supply – Supply in the Absolute

What Is Abundance? 

Abundance means that you have such an amount of money in your possession that you never have to think about money.  That is abundance, and nothing less and nothing more than that can be called abundance.  If you have to scheme to make ends meet, or if you have to spend much time and attention on looking after your possessions because they are so vast, then you are a slave to them, and you cannot be said to have established harmony in financial matters.  You must have enough money to be independent.” – Emmet Fox

In other words, abundance is having plenty of everything that living the more abundant life comprises, love, peace of mind, happiness, good health, harmonious relationships, and plenty of money.  It means to prosper in every area of life.  You attract to you that which you have in consciousness.

What You Gain by Enrolling in GKM ABC:

  1. A deeper understanding of the Laws & Principles pertaining to Abundance
  2. A greater realization of true abundance
  3. Prayerfully eliminate lack and limitation
  4. An active and larger flow of Universal Wealth
  5. Develop Abundance and Wealth Consciousness
  6. Improved peace of mind
  7. Learn and practice the Presence of God within and without

This is a consciousness-changing, life-transforming Course. 

Read What Students Have to Say about ABC . . .

This Abundance Building Course met all my needs. I found it to be both educational and a wonderful review of pertinent prosperity and spiritual principals in my daily life. I always enjoyed receiving and working with each lesson and am enjoying repeating the lessons again. It is a very helpful Course, which I would recommend to others who want to learn the laws and principles of abundance. If I were to give this Course a rating, I’d give it a 10!

Now, I am more at ease with my financial condition. I am seeing results from the course both in my financial world and in my personal spiritual practice. Not only am I able to demonstrate more wealth in all its forms, but I am able to do so with greater peace and security about the future rather than with stress and worry. – Guy B. in California

Thank you for this Course. It more than met my needs and expectations. This course dealt with the fundamentals of metaphysics, which gave me an even better understanding of the spiritual principles that God gives us to live by. It was very helpful in that It reinforced the spiritual bases to practice in my everyday life of love, faith, positive energy, affirmations, prayer, and meditation, for a healthy, happy, prosperous, and joyous life.  I would recommend ABC to anyone who truly wants to grow their abundance. If I were to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 10!

I felt spiritually fed by my study of ABC, and there were a lot of aha moments for me during the course.  I have always known bits and pieces of this material to live my life by, but this Course gave me even more to receive and work these principles as a lifestyle, at least for myself and I’m sure many others.  As an aside, “The Golden Key” is powerful and also a part of my daily practice now.  Thank you. – Karen W. in Chicago, IL

I wanted to let you know that one thing that has really been coming home to me as I move through the ABC lessons is the importance of building the awareness of God as our inner supply first and foremost. I think I have spent a lot of time thinking I was doing that, but still chasing the outward signs of abundance. The lessons are really helping me to relax and to trust that God knows how to give me what I need. – Sandra W. in New York

ABC surely met my needs and expectations. I took this course very seriously. I read each lesson multiple times during the two-week periods.  I thoughtfully focused on the meditations every morning. I found quite a bit of faulty thinking I needed to replace, and my understanding is remarkably changed. The ABC lessons were very helpful. I would recommend this Course to others who really want to prosper. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give ABC a 10.

Even though I have completed this Course, in a real sense I am still working on it in that I periodically re-read the meditations and/or the lessons and keep them in my mind during the day along with other, similar “trainings.”  I have found that ABC continues to help me stay on track. As I meditated on each lesson, I had quite a few breakthroughs.  A few things happened to support the lessons. One was a job offer that absolutely could only have come from God and my involvement in ABC. I firmly believe God has plans for me and this course has helped me to develop patience and expectation while helping to build abundance into my consciousness. Thank you for offering this Course. I’m so glad I enrolled! – Judi P. in Connecticut

I found ABC inspirational, encouraging and insightful. It fulfilled my expectations and the lessons helped me understand the spiritual dimensions of prosperity. They gave me a sense of assurance and trust. Although I completed the Course, I am still assimilating this powerful teaching. I recommend that anyone who desires real abundance, to enroll in ABC. Thank you. – Bob M.

How to Enroll

When you are ready to dedicate yourself to the time and energy required, just click the button below and complete the form. After you have successfully enrolled, you will receive the first of eight lessons, with the rest to be sent to you every two weeks.

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Enrollment fee

Good News!  There is no enrollment fee or charge for GKM ABC.  However, it isn’t free. You may send an offering of any amount with your enrollment.  In keeping with the Law of Giving and Receiving, as many students do, you may give special tithes or love offerings to Golden Key Ministry-Unity in appreciation for receiving this Abundance Building Spiritual Food, the opportunity to learn and increase your inner and manifest abundance. Give as you are guided. We are grateful for your financial support.

ENROLL NOW! – If you are ready to learn, and to live more abundantly, make a commitment to yourself, take action, and follow through.  Follow the Enrollment instructions above and prepare to experience greater abundance.  Please note:  You will be expected to send progress reports to us.

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