Prosperity on the Highest Level

Lesson 8


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Eight – Prosperity on the Highest Level   

Prosperity Principle:  Asking for, expecting, and accepting the best, brings the best.

In the movie, Forest Gump likened life to a box of chocolates.  There is quite a selection and you don’t always know what you will get.  That is true in the best of circumstances and thinking, but when you understand the thinking process and how circumstances of life come about, you know you have more options than might appear.

The secret is in getting still and tuning in to the Source within you.  The Master Teacher said to, “Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you.”

In other words, open your mind to the Main Menu and make your selection.  It is yours for the asking, seeking and knocking.  In that way you open the way for God’s infinite riches to flow more easily and manifest in your life in larger measure.  God’s desire for you to be abundantly prospered in every wonderful way; to have all the love, joy, peace, beauty, health and good that is possible.   Believe and accept this as Truth.

“Your belief system makes you rich or poor, or somewhere in between.  To raise your level of prosperity, there must be an appropriate adjustment in your belief system.” (From my book, How to Have ‘Unexpected’ Income. Click for our bookstore

In order to experience abundant prosperity on a higher, more permanent basis, it is necessary to create within yourself, the corresponding mental equivalent, and to think on a higher level.  Lift your thinking into the kingdom of infinite riches within you, and invite it to prosper you.

Too often, people tend to believe in limitation.  They think that God’s supply is limited and they must work hard to eke out a living.  This is not true.  It is not true for you.  Accept that you live in an opulent Universe chock full of infinite riches and you have a divine right to your share, which is probably more than you have accepted, so far.  Believe and accept that you are always in the flow of vast of abundance.

Decide now to upgrade your interior and exterior wealth – to experience more of God’s all-providing supply that is rightfully yours as His beloved and deserving child.  His desire for you is to live life abundantly; to accept all of His riches.  This means to live comfortably without strain or struggle, with peace of mind, good health, happiness, and plenty of money to spare and share.  This is Prosperity on the highest level.

Prosperity Prayer:  Thinking on the highest level, I am in tune with the infinite riches of God, and they are manifesting in ever-greater abundance in my life now! 

Action:  Each day for the next seven days, take time to exam your thinking.  How much are you now claiming and accepting?  Accept that the Universe wants to give you more.  Upgrade your thinking, acceptance and expectations. exam your thinking.  How much are you now claiming and accepting?  Accept that the Universe wants to give you more.  Upgrade your thinking, acceptance and expectations.

Copyright, John W. Adams.  All rights reserved.

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