Prosperity is An Inside Job

by Dr. Delia Sellers

Yes, that is correct. Prosperity is not out there, it truly is an inside job. Every teacher of prosperity says the same thing but in different words.

Let’s clarify what it means to be an inside job. Whatever your mind accepts will be demonstrated in your experience. You need to understand and accept this principle before going any further.

“Yes, but.” Oh those famous words. How often they are spoken. Yes, but, I have struggled all my life to be prosperous and it still hasn’t happened.

How do you define prosperity? Be clear about this. What would make you feel prosperous? This is not a flippant question. It is an attempt to encourage you to state exactly what prosperity means to you. It means different things to different people. The mindset of a society maven must surely differ from a person who desires and wants only to live in a modest cabin surrounded by nature in some secluded spot.

What would give you a feeling of deep satisfaction if it were part of your life? For some it means having enough income to cover all expenses and to save for the future. Some yearn for work that will satisfy and be a joy to go to every day.

Others dream of sailing around the world, getting away from it all, and visiting exotic places.

Is it a matter of luck or lack of it when these dreams are unrealized? All metaphysical literature teaches that prayer and faith are the foundation of demonstrations made, plus a conscious plan of the steps to be taken to attract and achieve whatever forms of prosperity you desire.

This does not include outlining and determining how the demonstration of your dreams should be accomplished. That is not your job. You are the dreamer, the prayerful participant, the one visualizing it all. God is the Source of all good, the beneficent, loving Spirit from whence all good flows.

Let me explain that last comment. When I have time to write my next book it will include the story of my sail around the world. My mother was distressed, but not surprised by my announcement that this was what I was going to do.

“What will you do when you reach those places? How will you live? In some of those countries people don’t speak English. How will you be able to work?”

I was young, which might have had something to do with my plan, but I had always believed that God would provide for my needs. I took the remaining money from my savings account and booked passage on a UNION CASTLE ship which would take me to those faraway places.

At that time the ships were ships, not floating city blocks, and I met some wonderful people on them. By the time the ship docked in Cape Town, a job had already been offered me by a couple who were returning home to Africa.

In the country which was at that time known as Portuguese East Africa, I worked for a company which needed an English speaking secretary.

Following that adventure I sailed on another ship to Australia, and when we arrived in Sydney Harbor I had already been offered a job by the owner of a large company.

Have I convinced you that God provides? Sometimes it may be at the midnight hour, and often in ways that differ from our pre-conceived expectations, but it will be done unto you as you believe.

Ernest Holmes said, “We should EXPECT THE BEST, and so live that the best may become part of our experience.”

Expecting the best includes taking steps necessary to increase your business, income, or quality of your relationships.

The greatest Power of the Universe returns to us what we think into it. Our good is not withheld from us. Believe in and use the Perfect Power within you to prosper!

•    •    •

Copyright © 2014 – Dr. Delia Sellers. Dr. Sellers is a good friend and colleague, who lives in Prescott, Arizona. She is an ordained Religious Science Minister and director of Abundant Living Foundation, publisher of Abundant Living, a monthly publication. Delia is the author of “Getting It Right This Time,” “A Legacy of Silence,” and “From Dreams to Fulfillment.”