Your 30 Steps to Abundance

Prosperity Made E-Z

A Dynamic 30-Lesson Course in Living Abundantly

Designed to Enlighten Your Mind and Enrich Your Whole Life

It is perfectly right that you should give your best attention to the Science of Getting Rich, for it is the noblest and most necessary of all studies. If you neglect this study, you are derelict in your duty to yourself, to God and humanity. You should make the most of yourself. – Wallace D. Wattles

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Why the Prosperity Made E-Z Course?

Studying Prosperity Made E-Z gives you a solid spiritual foundation for creating true prosperity consciousness, which in turn, makes it easier for you to attract money and all the other good things of life.

When you focus on the ideas presented in these Lessons, and apply what you learn, you gain understanding, and universal prospering energy works for you in a very practical and powerful way assuring positive results.

You are happier and healthier when you’re in the flow of abundance because it gives you a feeling of well-being.  It relieves stress, you have more peace of mind, and a wonderful sense of richness and freedom.  Life is easier and more fun, too!  Prosperity Made E-Z is the Law of Attraction in action, magnetizing the Wealth of the Universe to you!.

This prosperity study course is especially designed to:

  • Stimulate your thinking
  • Securely connect you with the Source of all wealth
  • Eliminate barriers to prosperity
  • Put you in the flow of abundance
  • Create real and lasting prosperity
  • Enable you achieve your prosperity goals
  • Make it easier for you to prosper
  • Improve your health and peace of mind

Rev. John W. Adams

Rev. John W. Adams

 Rev. John W. Adams is a Unity Minister, teacher and author of five books about prosperity and better living. Thousands of people read John’s monthly newsletter and his prayer ministry touches people worldwide.

If you don’t find our 30 Days to Better Living course to be a clear, definite, practical guide to help make your dreams come true, then let us know and we’ll be happy to refund your money.

If you don’t find the Prosperity Made E-Z course to be a clear, definite, practical guide towards a more abundant life, then let us know and we’ll be happy to refund your money.

ENROLL NOW – only $20 

Read what students of Prosperity Made E-Z say about this Course:

  • The Prosperity Made E-Z course has been very helpful and I’ve been sharing it with my family too. Like all your Courses, this also has been immensely helpful. We are now doing very well. I have been doing one lesson each week. Thank you so much. I am indeed grateful for your ministry and your inspiration. Yours sincerely, Sivaraman R. Ph.D.” – India
  • This Course, Prosperity Made E-Z, has been hugely helpful. I needed $4000 and it dropped into my lap in the most unexpected way. It was money owed to me by my Employer and was a total surprise. I was able to straighten out some pressing money affairs in a few minutes. I like the fact that the lessons are short. I really like this course.” Christine B. – Queensland, Australia
  • The Prosperity Made E-Z Course certainly keeps me more focused on what is real. Monetarily, the money just seems to come when needed and I find it easier to consider myself blessed. The lessons are clear and easy to understand. I am happy I enrolled in this course. I recommend it to others.” – Kevin B.
  • The Prosperity Made E-Z Course has given me positive encouragement and insight on prosperity principles. I have benefited by the wisdom and teachings which help me stay focused on abundance. This Course is a positive and helpful foundation for understanding prosperity principles. I definitely would recommend this course for someone who wants to learn prosperity teachings and the Law of Attraction.” – Phyllis F. – San Francisco CA

Ask yourself,
“Am I ready for a happier, healthier and wealthier life?”

If you’re ready to take action, accept this opportunity to learn and grow into the richer life you desire and deserve.

We have provided this dynamic life-transforming course of Prosperity Lessons to make it easier for you to prosper.  Just think how much better, easier and happier your life will be when you are living a more abundant life!

We’re here to help.  Our desire is for you to get the most from your study and application of Prosperity Made E-Z.Any time you feel the need for assistance, or to clarify a point, contact us by e-mail. We want you to receive the greatest possible value from your participation in Prosperity Made E-Z.

Some of the Lessons are:

Foundation for Permanent Prosperity
Three Barriers to Prosperity
How to Stabilize Your Finances
The Prospering Power of Your Words
Why People don’t Prosper
Prosperity on the Highest Level
The Way of Abundance

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Prosperity Made E-Z