Peace of Mind – The First Requisite to Prosperity

Inner PeaceRev. John W. Adams

One time a college student who had just completed his papers, at the urging of a professor, wrote out a list of his goals now that he was at the end of his college education. He wrote quite an impressive list, among them being very successful in his chosen field and, of course, enjoying a very high level of prosperity.

When he proudly handed it in, his professor looked through the list, put placed a large X across the page, and at the top wrote: “PEACE OF MIND.” He then handed the paper back to the student who looked at it with wonder. Then the wise professor said, “Peace of mind should always be sought after first.

Unless you gain peace of mind, the rest will be worthless and extremely difficult to attain. When you strive for peace of mind, first, you have everything in proper perspective and they will be accomplished much more easily and be of inestimable value.”

This is, of course, true in your quest for more prosperity. Seek inner peace first and everything will fall into place. You will be more prosperous in every aspect of life than you might imagine. If you just go gung-ho after your prosperity goals, you may get them, but pay quite a price for them, one of them being, sacrificing peace of mind.

Seeking peace of mind, first, will open the way for you to let out the “imprisoned splendor” from within you. Remember that your mind is the instrument that God uses to move His great good into your life. He loves the peaceful mind! It is true! “Be at peace, and great good will come to you.”

I have included the following link to assist you in your quest for inner peace. View it often. I am sure you will like it. – Rev. John – Gift of Inner Peace

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Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It always comes as a byproduct of providing a useful service. – Henry Ford

Prayer is not something we do to God but to ourselves.
It is not a position but a disposition.
It is not flattery but a sense of oneness.
It is not asking but knowing.
It is not words but feeling.
It is not will but willingness. – Eric Butterworth