Need and Supply Are One

Lesson 18


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams
Lesson Eighteen
Need and Supply Are One

Prosperity Principle:  Focus upon God, the Source, not on needs.

A number of years ago, a young husband went to an older husband and asked for advice.  Said Mr. Young to Mr. Older:

“My wife is going to have a baby and I’ve got to raise money.  I don’t know where it’s coming from.”

“That’s fine,” Older remarked.  “Congratulations.”

“Yes, it’s fine, only I can’t afford it.  I don’t see where the money is to come from to pay the bills.”

“Was your father a wealthy man when you were born?”  Older inquired.  “Was he making as much money as you are making?”

“No, but . . . “

“But here you are.”  Then the man went on to state the premise that need has an affinity for supply and the two are bound to meet if not kept apart by too many doubters.

“I am the father of four children,” he stated.  “In no case when I heard the first faint, far flapping of the stork’s wings did I know where I could get money enough to buy him a landing strip – but the money came.  Need attracts supply.  Only fear and doubt can keep them apart.  Faith hastens their meeting.  It’s a principle, I tell you.  Live as if it were true and you’ll prove that it is true.”

The young man tried the method, and it worked.  His employer simply came along one day and said:  “A big new contract just came in.  I’m going to have to ask you to do some overtime.  It’ll run into weeks – yes, months.  Sorry, but that’s the only way I can see out of the situation.  You’ll be paid time and a half, of course.”

The young man answered, trying not to grin, “That’s all right; I can do it.”  The overtime paid for the birthday party and a nice nest egg was left over.

This is not fiction.  It happened, and not very long ago.  Need and Supply are old friends; they will have a reunion when anybody offers them a hall.

Remember this story when you have pressing bills to pay, or begin to worry about where the money might come from to pay them, to take care of other financial obligations, or your desire is to add another $100,000 to your annual income.  Always, right where you are, God is your Source, and your consciousness of God is your supply. 

There is no need that God cannot fill with His prospering substance.  The only deterrent would be you getting in His way with doubts and fears, and by focusing on the need rather than on God.  It is true:  God opens ways where to human sense there may seem to be no way.  Your apparent need is a call for you to clear your mind, refocus your thinking upon the vast substance of God, and invite it to flow more freely into your life.

Needs Are Not the Real Issue

Do you focus on your needs believing that by doing so, they will be fulfilled.  If you do, you are looking in the wrong direction.  To increase your abundance, it is essential for you to give your attention to the Source of all Wealth that is within you.  This can only be done by changing your focus from outside yourself, to inside.

There is an excellent prosperity book written by Jim Rosemergy, entitled, Even Mystics Have Bills To Pay.  In this book, he states:  “The cry of nearly every human being is, ‘I’ve got needs.’  Understandably, our focus has been on filling these needs.  The perceived needs our survival, but they affect our quality of life and the way we see ourselves – successful or unsuccessful.

“We think we begin the journey to prosperous living when we answer the world’s call to get a good job – with benefits.  This, we are told, requires an education or specialized training, so schooling comes next.  Finally, we get employed, so we can receive society’s current medium of exchange – money.  With enough currency, the ends meet.

“What a tragic story.  It is more fable than Truth.  Many of us are exhausted and disillusioned because we try to bring the fable to life.  When we become the characters in this story, we do not get ahead: we fall behind.  This is natural when our focus and life’s direction are on trying to get what we do not have.

“Needs are not the real issue.  When we focus upon what we lack, we experience anxiety and a sense of inadequacy.  At times there is hope, but it quickly dissipates in the face of another call from the creditor, an unexpected bill, a canceled order, or failed job interview.  A life of quality does not begin with what is seemingly lacking.  It begins as we turn our attention to what is present.  Jesus was aware of the great gift lovingly extended to humanity.”

Jesus said, “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”  And, it is like a pearl of great value.  What could be so valuable?  The answer is an awareness of God.  When we seek the kingdom of God and open ourselves to a consciousness of the Presence, our earthly needs will be met.  Then, we do not have to give them great attention.  In other words, the more attention we give to the Presence (the kingdom of God), the easier our needs are met.  A most important thing is to change from “I need consciousness” to a “I have consciousness.”  When you do this, there are no needs, because you are thinking and living in conscious oneness with abundance.

Prosperity Prayer:  Need and supply are one.  God’s all-providing substance enfolds me and flows through me, and I am living abundantly now. 

Action:  For the next several days, sit quietly and meditate on the riches of God within and around you.  Replace every “I need” thought with an “I have” thought.  Be still and feel the abundance of God enfolding and flowing through you.

Copyright, John W. Adams – All rights reserved.

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