Money Treatment for Mass Abundance

Rev. John W. Adams

For best results, speak this Treatment audibly once daily for 30 days.

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I understand I am a part of one big Whole, no matter my spiritual beliefs, all exists together. This Whole is divinely abundant and vast, it encompasses all. This Whole is all inclusive, it has everything I need and want.

Everything I need, want and desire is always present within this Whole. Everything I need, want and desire already exists. There is more than enough for everyone. This is true for everyone including myself now.

I now ask for financial abundance to happen for myself and everyone; for this Whole to be demonstrated to me and to all my friends and family. We now accept all the money we need, want and desire. We now have plenty of money to spend, to share and to spare.

I now personally become in line with my best means of work to provide abundantly for myself and those around me. I also now choose to open all veins of abundance and know that money does not only come directly from me.

This Whole is my source of abundance and I accept money from this Whole through all avenues it wishes to deliver to me through it own chosen channels.

I give up feeding into lack and know that there is plenty of food, plenty of money, plenty of pleasure, plenty of everything for myself and everyone! I realize when I spend money I am helping to prosper others and give them work.

When others receive money and spend money they are prospering others; we all receive, we all give out, we all receive and on and on… I now choose to keep prosperity flowing through the circle of giving.

When I give money I am blessing and prospering those to whom I give and opening all the channels of rich abundance for myself.

Thank You for these wonderful ongoing demonstrations of abundance for myself, my friends and my family. Thank You for the joy and peace of mind this abundance and money has given me.

I stay in gratitude and focused on the abundance I have, and I continually attract that which makes me feel prosperous, I know the more I feel abundance, the more new prosperity I am continuing to create and attract! And so It is.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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This Money Treatment for Mass Abundance is provided to help you and everyone to experience the rich abundance that is God’s will for all humankind. It is in keeping with the dedication of Golden Key Ministry-Unity to empower everyone to prosper as God intends.

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