Money and Prosperity

Lesson 19


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams
Lesson Nineteen –
Money and Prosperity

Prosperity Principle: Money is good. Money is God in action.

It is interesting to note that some people say they want to be prosperous but they don’t include money – plenty of it – in their plans.  They often work hard to be prosperous but fail to change attitudes, habits, and actions regarding financial prosperity.

Your attitude toward money is important.  Money is not a “dead object of greed,” as some people want you to believe.  It is living energy.  Money is God’s idea of circulation.  It is a thought-form that represents the things you enjoy in life such as your home, car, food, and travel.   Money is God’s good green energy!

Money, as a thought-form, may not be seen.  Yet, it is powerfully at work throughout the world.  When you think of money as God’s idea of circulation, think of it as God moving throughout the world providing for humanity.  But it moves through your life according to your thoughts and feelings about it.  Make them positive and loving especially in regard to money.

Catherine Ponder wrote:  “One lady told me that since she had released the vague notion that she was supposed to think of money as evil, she had more of it to enjoy.”

Charles Fillmore wrote:  “Watch your thoughts when you are handling money, because money is attached through your mind to the one Source of all substance and all money.”

Of course, you may not see actual money changing hands because more and more is being transferred electronically.  At any given moment trillions and trillions of dollars are moving throughout the world, yet no one sees it happening.  This means those trillions are moving through YOU!  This should give you a greater feeling of abundance.

Regardless of what some people may think or say about money, or what they do for it or with it, do not let that affect your thinking about money.  Money is good and it’s better to have plenty of it than not enough.  Dr. James E. Melton said, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and rich is better!

Money enables you to attend inspiring lectures and workshops and churches that feed your soul with Mystic Nourishment.  It provides books, CDs, and DVDs for your enlightenment and soul growth.

Money also provides materials for beautiful buildings, highways and byways, parkways and freeways.  It is used for city, state and national parks for you to relax and hike in, and to renew your soul in.

Money, lots of it, makes the Internet possible and helps all of us to keep in touch by e-mail, texting, and other electronic modalities.  Money is neutral in that it doesn’t matter to it who uses it or how it is used.

That is why it is important to use money only for good and peaceful purposes.  It is never good to use money for war, which is wasteful and never achieves anything of real value, or to create peaceful conditions.

Because money is neutral and alive energy and is for our free use, we have the responsibility to use it responsibly, which means wisely and lovingly.

Remind yourself often that money is abundantly available, that it is God-Substance/Energy constantly flowing through you and throughout the Universe.  This great prospering energy is always where you are.  Never allow yourself to think or feel fear in regard to money.  Think and feel love and money will flow in your life more abundantly.

Money is your friend.  Make a friend of money and you will have many friendly get-togethers!

As good and wonderful as money is, it doesn’t really make you secure.  The only thing that can make you feel secure is your conscious connection with God, the source of your wealth.  God is love and when you are consciously connected with God you are not only connected with love, you know that you are love.

Money is God in action or circulation.  The best policy is to have a healthy attitude toward money without making a god of it.  Accept that you deserve to have plenty of money so as to live happy, healthy, peaceful and free without financial stress.

When you think about it, money really is wonderful and when you have plenty of it flowing through your life, it is even more wonderful!

Prosperity Affirmation:  Money is good.  It is God’s idea of circulation.  I like money, and money likes me.  Thank You, God, for plenty of money circulating freely in my life now.

Action:  Each day this week, think about your attitude toward money.  Make sure it is healthy, happy, and loving.  Gratefully bless all the money you receive, and the money you use for paying bills, buying gas, food, and other things.

Copyright, John W. Adams – All Rights reserved.

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