6. Let Your Subconscious Work for You!

By Rev. John W. Adams

One of the problems in dealing with the problems of life is in trying to solve them by conscious thought only. You do use your conscious mind to think through a problem, but then you give it over to your subconscious mind for the solution.

If some problem in your lifehealing, human relationships, finances, or something else, seems difficult to solve, it is possible that you are trying too hard on a human level. That is the hard way and the more you think about the problem intellectually the larger and more grotesque if often becomes. It is in releasing the problem to your subconscious mind that you free yourself of that burden which allows for the answer to come forth. In other words, “Turn the Golden Key.

Even in easy mathematical problems, answers never come from the conscious mind. They come from your subconscious mind where that information has been stored until needed or asked for. Your subconscious is a marvelous mechanism that is always ready to serve you, however, it is the job of your conscious mind to present problems to your subconscious mind for solution. Through thinking, you also program it for right answers and spontaneous right action.

It may seem easy to solve simple mathematical problems, but what about the problems of life such as how to pay the rent or household bills when you are suffering from an apparently larger than usual “lack attack”? The answer is within you in your subconscious mind because it is through that that you draw upon universal substance with which to pay bills.

The most important thing is: DO NOT PANIC! That never helps and often blocks the good you seekmoney to pay billsfrom coming to you. It is effective to relax, speak a prosperity prayer, or two, for greater supply, and then release the apparent need. That is called, “casting the burden.” In other words, you are letting your subconscious work for you. A good prosperity prayer is: “I now cast this burden on the Christ within and I now go free to have plenty.”

Actually, your real need is to get rid of the belief in lack, not the lack itself. You need to exchange your belief in lack as reality for belief in plenty as reality. The Christ, God in you, will help you when you cast the burden by speaking the above prosperity prayer (affirmation) over and over for as many times as it takes for it to become your new belief. Persist until your belief in lack has been supplanted with belief in abundance and you are actually demonstrating abundance in your life.

A Truth student was working through a human relationship problem, which seemed to refuse solution until he realized he was trying too hard on a conscious level. He was putting too much human effort into itmaking it larger and more real that it actually was. As he began to turn it overto cast the burden on the Christ withinhis mind began to clear and the answer came forth speedily and of much higher quality and he had believed possible. In fact, he had not really thought of the wonderful way in which that problem was solved.

An important thing in solving any kind of problem in life is faithactive faithbecause as Florence Shinn wrote, “Active faith is the bridge over which man passes to his Promised Land.”

That is true, of course. You will remember that Jesus inquired of a person’s faith before He consented to treat them. In the case of the woman who touched His garment and was healed, He said, “Your faith has made you well.” (Matt. 9:22 RSV)

Sometimes it is difficult to get beyond the pain of physical disease or disharmony. However, the greater the seeming need, the greater the need to place your faith squarely in the presence of God in you, and to knowwithout doubtingthat the perfection of God in you is your perfection now.

When faced with apparently severe financial lack, it is essential that you look beyond the appearance of lack and “see” with your mind (imagination) and grasp with your faith, the vast unlimited abundance of God. That is the time to know and to affirm the truth that: God is both the Giver and the Gift. Erase all fear. Courageously choose which you will serve, fear or faith. Fear compounds the apparent lack. Faith sees through it, dissolves it and brings forth the money you desire, and often much more.

If it takes hundreds of spoken affirmations (or even thousands) to impress your subconscious mind with positive, prospering truth ideas, then do it. Denials are good, too. When you use denials, you say “no” to anything less than the good you desire, or to the unlimited abundance of God. You deny all reality of lack and limitation. Denials should always be followed with strong affirmations of Truth.

Whatever it takes to change your mind and keep it changed, do it. The most important thing you can do is to use your mind for thinking your way out of lack and into abundance. You do that by using your conscious mind to give your subconscious right, positive, prospering ideas.

Have you ever had an “in the dark” experience where you cannot see the light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel? Sometimes, there may seem to be no end to the tunnel, at all. If you wonder just how long you much remain in the dark, you must as Mrs. Shinn says, “Until you can see in the dark.” Casting the burden allows you to see in the dark. In other words, when you release a mental burden to your subconscious mind, it frees you to “see” the possible solution, and the greater good God has for you.

A good thing to remember is: There is light at both ends of a tunnel. Therefore, you always go from light to light.

Whatever the desires of your heart are, give them over to your wonderful subconscious mind as you speak positive, prosperity affirmations which program your subconscious for what you really want to experience. In that way you draw forth the never-failing supply for the fulfillment of all of your desires. It comes direct from the vast, unlimited resources of God. That is because, through your subconscious mind, you access the Super-conscious Mind of God. There lies every answer to every prayer, all the ideas you could possibly use which is the very substance that prospers you.

Take time for meditation, often, in which you direct your conscious thought into your subconscious and let it draw forth all the unlimited good God has for you. Then you are letting your subconscious work for you. It loves to serve you. Let it!

•    •    •

On the Christ in you, cast that burden of lack,
And never, ever, welcome it back!
Think on and affirm God’s rich supply
And “lack attacks” will pass you by! – Rev. John

•    •    •

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