4. Let Go and Let God Do It

By Rev. John W. Adams

“Nothing on earth can resist an absolutely non-resistant person.” – Florence Scovel Shinn

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to attract all manner of good to you without over-efforting? It would be equally wonderful to take care of human relationship problems minus the usual hurt feelings and misunderstandings. Of course, it would be so much better to keep your relationships harmonious most of the time. The way of doing that is by practicing nonresistance, or letting go and letting God do it.

It seems that most people tend to pray too hard, try too hard and work too hard and, we might add to that, worry too hard! Remember the sign in part one of this series of prosperity lessons: “Why worry, it will probably never happen.

You may have seen the bumper sticker that declares: “Easy does it.” That is a good thing to remember, especially when stress begins to build up over meeting project deadlines; you’re having an unusually large “lack attack,” or you are trying to restore harmony in a human relationship. Easy does it is profoundly essential in your quest for more prosperity.

Granted, it is not always easy to let go and let God do it or, to take care of a difficult situation, but as you persist in faith in such a way so that you are allowing God to work through you, it becomes easier. The way clears as you practice nonresistance in which you no longer insist upon your own way, but turn everything over to the God-Presence within you and let His infinite love handle the matter.

Letting go and letting God do it does not give you license to become lazy, indifferent, or to just sit and wait for God to do something for you. While waiting upon God is often best – or possibly the only thing – you can do, the innerquality of how you wait is important and quite possibly the key to the results you desire. If you wait impatiently, fuming and fussing, you are resisting and actually impeding your progress and your demonstration.

You will find that the following affirmation (prosperity prayer) is very powerful: “Relax. Have faith. Be patient. God is working on it!

Worrying is not nonresistance. Most certainly, being angry isn’t either. Neither is allowing yourself to be a doormat or a weak kind of person. Nonresistance is strength. It is power. This is true because nonresistance is love. It is allowing love to be in you as patience, kindness, and peacefulness, and knowing what is right for you to say and do and then following through with appropriate action. In short, nonresistance is aligning your consciousness with God within. It is not insisting on your own way, but letting God’s way be the way for you.

Nonresistance is Love. Love is invincible. There is no discord, no problem, no trouble, no mistake that enough love will not dissolve. Love heals, opens doors, bridges gulfs, crumbles walls. If something appears hopeless, that is only an appearance and is never reality. Love is always mightier than any seeming problem, financial or otherwise, and when called upon will deliver you. Allow enough love to be in you and to move through you, and miracles will happen! That is the way of nonresistance.

A young lady made an accusation against a man. However, he knew that he had done nothing wrong and had nothing to do with what she had accused him of.

Instead of becoming angry and trying to solve the matter in an outer way which surely would have created more hurt feelings and making it even more difficult to resolve, he practiced nonresistance. In quiet prayer, he loved his accuser, beholding the Christ-presence in her. He spoke words of love, healing, peace, release, and freedom for her, and for himself. When only love and peace filled his heart, he released the matter to God and nothing more came of it.

When you have a financial need of any kind, or size, go beyond the apparent lack and focus squarely upon the infinite abundance of God and claim and accept it as yours. God, as your never-failing resource, will provide for you. Do not panic. Do not worry. That only delays the greater prosperity you desire. Panic and worry are forms of resistance. Peace and love are expressions of nonresistance, which opens and keeps open all the conduits of God vast abundance for you.

Have faith, be patient, do not give upexcept to God. Let go and let God take care of things by becoming divinely nonresistant to His prospering power. Emerson said, “Get your bloated nothingness out of the way and let God do His work.” In demonstrating more prosperity, it is God Who works, not you. Of course there will be things for you to do, but when you let go and let God, it is God doing themthrough you. Then, everything is easier and always brings better results.

•    •    •

Nonresistance is Love’s way.
Practice it faithfully every day.
It will bring you joy and peace,
And your prosperity will mightily increase! – Rev. John Adams

When we accept an idea in faith, and release it into the natural Law of Mind, there is no way in the world to keep it from happening. An idea conceived in love (attention plus interest), nourished by faith (expectancy and release), must come alive in our experience. – Donald Curtis

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