Knowing What to Ask For

  1. A consciousness of God is supply. This means to have a keen awareness of the presence of God as the one and only source.
  2. Divine supply, an awareness of God, is available to everyone. God’s rich supply is not just for a chosen few, but is within all people. The golden key to prosperous living is in becoming aware of God’s always present substance and putting your complete dependency on this.
  3. Divine supply does not need to be stored for future use. It is always present and available. The more you become conscious of this, the greater is your supply. You simply cannot use it up now matter how hard you try.
  4. Awareness and acquisition are one. When you know this, you know that your desires are fulfilled by the omnipresent substance out of which all things are formed. It frees you from anxiety concerning all financial activity. It is faith at work.
  5. A deepened awareness of God grants you security and well-being as well as provides for your earthly needs. It is evident that the more you realize that God is all there is and that His supply is always at hand, the greater it is for your needs to be met without focusing on the needs.
  6. A consciousness of God does not depend upon your level of education or human abilities. If living prosperously was dependant upon a college education, then many of those who are considered financially wealthy would not be. It isn’t what you know but your inner connection with the Source that is essential for prosperous living.
  7. Supply equals demand. Supply is the Infinite’s side of the prosperity formula. Demand is yours. In Truth, you ask amiss when you ask for earthly things when it is always God you want. You want more of God to come forth as the fulfillment of your heart’s desires. When you do, God always fulfills. Then you are living prosperously from the inside out.
  8. When you ask for your needs to be met, you have not met God. You have a wrong belief in separation from God, and that your supply is separate from God. That can never be so. You are always one with the Source and therefore, one with supply.
  9. A new prosperous life opens for you when you ask for a greater awareness of God. Ask, and you shall receive. This is the golden key to true prosperous living. Spend more time in quiet meditation in which you allow your consciousness to become immersed in the omnipresence of God and you will know that all the desires of your heart are already fulfilled. – Lovingly, Rev. John

More money and new job! I am experiencing more money, paid bills, and a terrific new job that pays well. There I can use my talents and special abilities to full advantage which my employer appreciates and generously rewards me. Quite unexpectedly, I received over $300. – B. F. – New York

There is nothing that keeps a person’s mind so fearless and so free to receive the good constantly coming to him as the practice of tithing. When an increase in prosperity comes, give God the thanks and the tenth of the new amount. The free, open mind that is stayed on God is certain to bring forth joy, real satisfaction in living, and true prosperity. Tithing is based on a law that cannot fail, and it is the surest way ever found to demonstrate plenty, for it is God own law and way of giving. – Charles Fillmore

Prosperity Prayer: My growing awareness of God, within and all around me, is producing ever-increasing prosperity in my life and affairs, and I am grateful!