Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Lesson 7


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Seven – Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Prosperity Principle:  There is great prospering power in staying focused.

Not long after I moved to Arizona, Rio Salado (Salt River) flooded.  There was one storm after another, which came in from California.  (Sometimes I wished California would keep its storms!)  Usually the river is dry because of dams up stream.  At that time, however, unusually large amounts of rain fell, causing a 100-year flood.

Then, there were only a few bridged crossings over the river and all but one or two of the bridges soon washed out separating the east valley cities from Phoenix and Scottsdale.  People had to drive miles to get to their destinations causing long lines of traffic with hours of delay.

The good thing that came out of that inconvenience was that it awakened everyone to the need for adequate bridging of the river, and they were happy to vote a tax-increase to pay for new bridges.

Sometimes you may run into inconveniences even with the best laid plans for achieving your prosperity goal.  However, when you have your goal clearly in mind (clarity), you will reach it regardless of what may seem to block your way.

You always have a choice. You can choose to be anxious, worried, fearful, grumpy or resentful when things do not go your way.  But these attitudes impede your progress.  Anger seriously blocks prospering energy.  It robs you of ideas, clouds your vision, diverts your focus, and causes you to go off in the wrong direction—away from your destination – Prosperity Station.

Or, you can choose to relax, be calm, hold your faith high, and keep your eyes on the prize.  This kind of attitude positively moves you forward when challenges try to distract you.

A man began his own home-based business.  He knew going in that his returns would be rather slow at first but assured that his business would be successful, he persisted.  He did his home work and with faith in God and himself, he began with great expectations.

He made four important decisions:

1. Learn all he could about the business.

2.  Make a commitment to go all the way.

3. Gratefully tithe at least 10% of all he received back to God in exchange for all the spiritual help and guidance he needed.

4. Keep his attitudes positive, uplifting and prospering.

Before long, obstacles did appear, but by keeping his eyes on the prize, he did not let those inconveniences stop him.  Persisting in faith, he went on to create a very prosperous business for himself that enriched numerous other people, too.

An important key to prosperity is to keep your eyes on the prize and when inconveniences appear that may try to get you off course, accept them as opportunities to rise up higher, to stay positive and to move forward in faith knowing you will ultimate achieve your prosperity goal.

Prosperity Affirmation:  With faith in God as my source, I keep my eyes on the prize.  My way is clear and my prosperity is assured.

Action:  Give some time to thinking about your prosperity goal.  Do you have it clearly in mind?  How determined are you to achieve that, or something better?

Copyright, John W. Adams.  All rights reserved.

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