Is Your Prosperity-Acceptance Large Enough?

Lesson 9


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Nine – Is Your Prosperity-Acceptance Large Enough?

Prosperity Principle: Expanded thinking produces expanded prosperity.

If you haven’t done so lately, begin now to ponder the vastness of universal supply – it is yours for the asking, claiming and accepting when you do the right things.  Deliberately stretch your thinking out of the circumscribed and habitual thought-patterns that have created your present financial condition.  If your present financial condition is good, or, you are already a millionaire, that is great, however, you can always do better!

Stuart Wildewrote:  “We have been programmed by the system to believe that there are shortages and lack, and that uncertainty is normal.  It is not.  That idea is a psychological racket, designed to comfort people and keep them in line by making them fearful.  Don’t buy it.  Most people, suffering from a limited mind-set, have no comprehension of just how much money there is actually available to anyone with the will to ‘step up and collect.'” (The Little Money Bible – Hay House)

Determine right now that you will exercise your mind in such a way that will result in much larger images regarding the availability of universal substance which prospers you, and that is ready to manifest in your life now as plenty of money and all the other good things of life.

Decide to lift your faith and use your imagination to perceive that which you want.  Visualize your desired increased good actually manifesting for you.  Gratefully accept that it is doing so right now without delay.

One time, in a meeting with a couple of friends, I said that my prosperity was insufficient.  There never seemed to be enough money.  One friend asked me what my acceptance level was, explaining that God could only give me what I could accept.  When I claimed and accepted more, I would have more.  Examining my thinking, I discovered that although I desired abundant prosperity, I really didn’t expect or accept it.  I determined to change and move my acceptance level up much higher.  This did the trick and my prosperity soon began to improve.

Since the only blocks to unlimited financial abundance are in individual thinking, by removing those self-imposed limits, you un-limit your financial supply as well as all the other wonderful blessings God has for you.

Your belief system makes you rich or makes you poor, or somewhere in between.  To raise your level of prosperity, there must be an appropriate adjustment in your belief system.

As you make that adjustment, not only will you receive happy financial “surprises,” you’ll have more confidence and the struggle and striving for financial gain will fade away and you move into the divine flow of riches.  You may become so excited about this efficient and pleasant way of increasing your financial income, you’ll wish you had done it sooner!

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Prosperity Affirmation:  My mind is open to the vast riches of God.  I now gratefully claim and accept the great abundance God has for me.

Action:  Every day, for the next seven days, check up on your acceptance level.  Are you claiming and accepting your fair share?  As a deserving child of God, claim and accept more of God’s riches for you.


Copyright, John W. Adams. All rights reserved.

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